About the 2023 Roadmap

About the 2023 Roadmap

What We Have Achieved in 2022

The year 2022 saw the listing of GFT on CEX with the construction feature introduced for planets in Starcrazy and PVE as well as PVP players battling with each other in one season after another.

This year, the whole Starcrazy team has been working hard for more trust, love, and support from the players. So for the upcoming 2023, the hard-working team will keep marching forward to further explore and build the Starcrazy metaverse, which is highly expected by the players.

About Our 2023 Roadmap

In this new year, we will focus on building a powerful DAO for our big fans to enjoy endless benefits and rights, supported with new features for them to keep building their planets and Starz lineups. At the same time, value vehicle GFT and GFS of Starcrazy will be known to more non-crypto players even with fierce competition in the crypto market.

Offering Numerous Rights and Benefits to Our Dao Members:

In the first quarter of 2023, our DAO will be in operation for players to enjoy their rights and benefits, including the exclusive right to vote to decide how the game will be developed in the future.

Upgrading Your Planets and Starz:

During the second and third quarters, the construction feature and the training of Starz will be our focus. By that time, you will have new ways to produce game items through your planet with a system for your Starz to be more powerful by training.

How Can Starcrazy Get New Players despite Cut-Throat Competition?

In the last quarter, we will spare no effort in bringing extra value and functions to in-game blockchain assets. During the first three quarters, new content will be added to make Starcrazy more playable, meaning that we can get our hands on promoting the game on a bigger scale. For this, a Starcrazy-based traditional game will be designed for directing users to our GameFi project. In the traditional game, non-crypto players will foster a deeper understanding of blockchain and the value of NFTs. After that, they will be guided to set foot on Starcrazy.

We expect players to support and be with us while we create a grand Starcrazy metaverse.