AMA Recaps and New Caps [PvP Updates]

Read news from our recent AMA including the PvP launch date, battling powers of special NFTs, and the rule that govern what activities your Starz can do.

AMA Recaps & New Caps

What’s a New Cap?

When you recap something (the short version of recapitulate) you summarize the main points. So the StarCrazy Vocabulary, Grammar, & Funky Word Usage Department has coined (minted?) the term New Cap. That’s news you’ve never heard.

We hope you were able to attend the recent AMA. (watch it here)

The first thing to know is

  • PvP launch date is now expected to be March 26th
  • Special NFTs (X-Mas NFTs etc.), when used in PvP/battles, will enhance the Starz health, attack, speed, crit, and dodge. You’ll be very glad you own one.
  • Starz Activity Rule
What can my Starz do?

During the AMA, Rey showed a graphic that explained the expanding range of activities your Starz can and what they can do at any given time. The short answer is, your Starz can do only one thing at a time.

If you list a Starz for sale then you must delist it before you can mine, battle (PvP) or train. If mining… (yes, we know you can figure out the rest. We’re not that crazy!)

What is WGFT? When might

I see it in StarCrazy?

WGFT is a token specially designed for collaboration. It can be exchanged 1:1 with GFT in Starcrazy and subsequent GameFantasy products. It can improve the circulation effect of the token, so that more people can pay attention to GameFantasy's products.

People who have the WGFT will be able to see this in the StarCrazy game.

This is the user interface in StarCrazy to Exchange of WGFT to GFT (1:1)

Those players who do not hold WGFT will not be able to see the exchange interface shown above.

New Feature!

When buying or selling a Starz in either the Auction or the Free Market, if you put in an unusual value, (greater than 1 GFT or 2,000 DP) it triggers a popup window asking you to confirm the amount. We want to help prevent people from making mistakes that can’t be reversed.

We’ve got your back.

Note: this feature works in ioPay Mobile and MetaMask only and doesn’t work in ioPay desktop.

External Audits of StarCrazy

As we hope you already know, the team at StarCrazy will always make reliability and trust a priority over pushing out developments quickly. As part of this philosophy we have paid for external companies to audit StarCrazy to check for vulnerabilities in the game design. If they find anything, that's when we move quickly to correct it.

One of the reports done by was recently released. It reviewed the smart contracts on StarCrazy. We'll make it available to you soon but the conclusion is: "Overall, StarCrazy smart contracts are well-designed and well-engineered." We thought you’d like to know!

That’s it for this week. But again, if you didn’t catch the recent AMA it is most definitely worth a look. Find it here.