Apex Arena - Battles & Betting

Apex Arena - Battles & Betting

Hi StarCrazys!

We just were approved by IoTeX for our third milestone of the Halo Grant they awarded to StarCrazy. We’re super-pleased at our progress and for the support IoTeX has provided. We wrote it all up in a blog which you can read here!

Coming Feature

The exchange shop - where you can trade and exchange items (no used clothing, pots or pans may be exchanged) We have even more news on features below!

The story contest has ended! We have 2 winners!

Story # 4 will be the basis of the StarCrazy backstory. Read more about it here.

Be a Community Workshop Host

We’re still accepting applications for user led workshops so don’t be shy. Share your knowledge and love of StarCrazy with the world. Apply here

Apex Arena Updates

The apex arena testing will be introduced in this weekend for ambassadors.

You can expect the Apex Arenas will be open to everyone in the next weekend or the Monday after that.

The following info is finalized:

  1. Here are the restrictions for what you can use in arenas of different levels:

Stellar Arenas: N/R

Interplanetary Arenas: R/SR/SSR

Supernova Arenas: SR/SSR/UR

  1. Players can hold matches in those arenas by themselves if they have arenas on their planets. For now, those matches will be held by the official team without any arenas on planets.
  2. Here are the different entry fees for arenas based on what you told us through twitter polls:

0.5 GFT Stellar Arenas

0.5 GFT Interplanetary Arenas

5 GFT Supernova Arenas

  1. Betting is only available for supernova arenas.
  2. A 5% tax will be imposed on a winning bet for planet owners. For now the 5% tax income will be burned without any arenas on planets.
  3. The remaining 95% of a bet will go to the winner.
  4. There are two matches for players to bet on every day at 4:00 and 16:00 UTC

The times to register to battle in Apex Arenas are 0:00 and 12:00am UTC every day. There is a cost of 1 energy point per card to apply.

Players can claim the winnings from their bets 12 hours after the match they have bet on. This is to protect against manipulation.

Our recent milestone marks a moment on our journey. We will be traveling to the Starz and beyond and are so glad you are with us along the way.