It Takes Energy to Battle! [Battle & Earn Update #2]

Artist's rendering: How Starz will look when Energy Level is shown

Before we dig into some of the details on how Energy will work in battles we wanted to share the news of the coming AMA so you can get it in your calendars. You don’t want to miss this one!

(BTW - The adorable image above is an artist’s rendering of how Energy level might be shown. It is not how the actual Energy level will be depicted)

Save the Date Mar 6, 1pm UTC (8am EST)

AMA - StarCrazy x IoTeX, with Rey Otida, Annaliza Chua of StarCrazy, Claire Biasco of IoTeX + a surprise guest player) Get ready for some big announcements!

Energy Explanation

The Energy level of your Starz will be an important condition for you to be aware of when considering the makeup of the teams you’ll be sending into battles.

  • The energy of a Starz will be shown in the top right corner, separate from its original information. Shown as a Knife icon
  • Each Starz starts with 1 Energy point. That’s the minimum required for battles
  • Starz can have a Maximum of 3 points
  • Starz increase points by training
  • Training takes time, a few hours (measured in blocks)
  • Training stops once a Starz reaches 3 energy points
  • 1 battle consumes 1 point (Players are limited to 3 battles per day)
  • When Training, your Starz can’t mine
  • Minimum energy required for a Starz to battle is 1 energy point
  • There will be a one day cooling off period after battling.

What does StarCrazy do with the fees from Sale of Planets?

8 planets shown

Some of you, our loyal players, have asked how the fees from the sale of planets are used. That’s a great, and fair, question.

Fees from the sale of Planets (7% of GFS spent to buy a planet) will go towards a referral system that rewards referring players with GFS. For example, StarCrazy will be rewarding new players engaging in activities, such as fusing Starz and more, all activities that bring newcomers into the game and grow the game.

We’re incredibly excited to work on, and roll out this program. You could say it’s ‘on brand’ to continue coming up with new ways to reward the players for joining and sticking with StarCrazy. (more details to come)

So mark your calendars for March 6- the AMA is not one to miss! And get ready for more Bits on Battles next week!