Join the Community Call for StarCrazy News

Join the Community Call for StarCrazy News

Community Call Aug 12, 2:00pm UTC

​​Join StarCrazy Community Call #3 with Ann and Marcos to learn about the latest updates

Catch up on all the latest news on the next Community Call featuring Ann and Marcos. It may be hot and sticky outside but we’re not slowing down at StarCrazy. Find us here.

Meme Exhibition

Our meme exhibition is now on @Artsteps_ Wander around the halls of this gallery and feast your eyes on all the creativity and humor of our wonderful meme contest contributors.

Enter a metaverse journey filled with Starcrazy memes. Come on in!

Voting Results on Battle Entry Fees for Apex Arena

The second vote is finished. The people have spoken and here are the results:

Entry Level Apex Battle Fee = 0.1 GFT

Intermediate Level Apex Battle Fee = 2 GFT

Advanced Level Apex Battle Fee = 15 GFT

Thank you everyone who added their voice to this process!

Coming Features

Development of the exchange shop will be finished soon. Your PvE rewards will soon be exchangeable! In case you missed our prior description of the Exchange Shop, here’s what it’s all about:

Exchange shop

When you play PvE, you can win Magic Essence. When in the Exchange shop you can exchange Magic essence for items. (Magic Essence has no crypto value, either in GFS or GFT)

But you should know a few things:

  • You can exchange Magic Essence for other items but not items for Magic Essence.
  • Rare items will cost more than 1 Magic Essence (details to come)
  • The skills books of the highest quality will not be exchangeable for Magic Essence.