Community Starcrazy Story Contest

Community Starcrazy Story Contest

Hi StarCrazies,

Community StarCrazy Story Contest

We’re looking for creative players to write stories. Write an original story using these words, "The Universe, The Planet, #Starz, Element" The 2 most imaginative stories will be used as part of the official story background. This contest ends on June 22nd. Submit your stories by email to [email protected]

Season II Memorial Card

The first season’s memorial card was Zeus. It’s only fitting that this month’s memorial card for Season II is Athena. Athena’s Shield to be exact. The top 50 players on the ranking board will receive this card. This shield protects from harm and the degree of protection it provides depends on your ranking.

This truly special card will be distributed between the end of the claiming period and start of Season 3.

Claim Your Season Rewards

Remember to claim your rewards! You have until tomorrow, June 15, 23:59:59 (UTC+8)

Coming AMAs

Community call #1, June 18 9.30pm (UTC)

GFT and GFS are available on Coinhub wallet

#StarCrazy + IoTeX Community Call #2

Join us at the second community call June 18th 1:30 PM UTC

PvE will be launching on Monday, June 20!

Start to collect those skills books. Things are definitely going to get interesting!

Your vote mattered!

Here is an exclusive buff card that planet owners will enjoy.

When engaged in a battle on their planet, the Starz of a planet owner receive a health buff of 5%

For all players, when the element of your Starz and the planet are the same, there will be a buff of 15% added to attack power.

On top of that, if a planet owner has a regular buff card to use, as any player might, that would make a total of 3 buffs that could be used.

In the first season there were 1,442 players. In the second season there were 1,058. This can be explained by the adjustment of rewards to prevent players from using their sub-addresses to participate in the game.

Wrap Up

Claim your rewards and send us a wonderful story with the keywords we mention above.