Community Led Workshops: Learn from the Best, Our Players

Community Workshops are coming to StarCrazy!

There’s plenty of fun stuff to share today so let’s jump right in!

A new Syrup Pool has begun so take advantage of the great earnings available by staking. Your local bank can't come close to these rates.

What’s the story with the…?

StarCrazy Backstory Contest

The contest ends soon so please get your story in.

We will be providing 100$ in GFT. Our dev team will choose 5 stories from all the submitted stories. Then we will ask our community members to vote for their favorite stories. Story Writers, fill in this form to submit your story

This Thurs June 30th, on Twitter you'll get the chance to vote on the two best backstories for StarCrazy

Buff that planets provide:

If the planet element and your Starz element match, you get a 15% buff on Attacks. But that Buff will be reduced by ½ to 7.5% for Food planets.

Building on Planets with Permits

In the future if you want to upgrade a building on a planet, you’ll need a Permit, which is won from the Wizard Starz (formerly know as the Boss) . There are different qualities of Permits, Middle, High, and Super.

Upgrading your building will provide more functions and will earn more $.

So fight that Wizard Starz, win a Permit and you’ll be ready to upgrade your building!

Don’t miss the coming…

AMA with BitKeep Wallet Fri July 1st 11:00am UTC

Coming Soon:

Community Led Workshops on more effective StarCrazy playing.

Livestream of both old and new features including:

Fusing Starz: Best Practices for Creating Powerful Starz.

Ask the host about other player tips.

You can apply to co-host a Community Workshop here.

Community users fill in the form to apply to host this week's/monthly workshop. Two users will be selected.

These workshops will be on YouTube Live

And speaking of community led! We just got this terrific contribution from Maynard. His video is a great guide and reminder that it doesn’t take a big investment to play StarCrazy.

User Guide from a Real StarCrazy Player

With just $13 or less you can start playing and earning in StarCrazy. This heartfelt video by one of our loyal players shows you how. Thanks for helping the community!

Coming Features

Building on planets

The number of buildings you can build is based on the size of the planet. The larger the planet, the more buildings that can be built on that planet.

Well… that’s all for today but we’ll be back soon to fill you in on the ever changing world of StarCrazy.