StarCrazy Explorer [What Can I Explore?]

You can use Explorer to showcase your Starz NFT collection. You’ve worked hard to make your collection so show it off! Just send your friends the StarCrazy Explorer link and your address.

StarCrazy Explorer Header shows Wallet Address field and 4 Starz

The team at StarCrazy isn’t resting. They’re busy in the workshop creating, nay, finely crafting, more features to give you a richer player experience. Here’s one we’re just rolled out that you’re going to enjoy, especially as PvP comes online.

It’s the StarCrazy Explorer. What does it do?

The StarCrazy Explorer is live now (in Beta, so you’d betta bear with us while we polish it) and still has more functionality to be added. But here’s what you can do so far.

To start, you can use Explorer as a way to showcase your Starz NFT collection. (Planets will display in later versions) You’ve worked hard to make your collection. Now you can show it off! Just send your friends the StarCrazy Explorer link, and your ioPay Wallet address and you have a showcase! The first release doesn’t show Starz that are busy mining. (a little privacy, please!) Would you like to see a sample in action? Use this address in the Explorer.


Collection of Starz shown in the StarCrazy Explorer

What else? We’re glad you asked!

When PvP leaderboard is out, you can scout your potential opponent by inputting their IoTeX address in the explorer.

The battle leaderboard will show each of the player’s addresses. Since the automated matching system will be pairing you with a player of similar strength, over time, you’ll begin to understand who you might be facing in battle. This will give you a chance to get some intel on those opponents.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to check out the more advanced players to see what kind of Starz glisten in their halls of glory. We don’t know about you, but that’s the kind of thing that motivates us to improve the range and quality of our collection of Starz.

Don’t let someone else’s amazing collection of Starz be a source of envy. Let it be a beacon of hope and inspiration. You can build up to owning powerful Starz that represent different Elements. With a diverse set of Starz you’ll be ready to take on any opponent, and eventually will be able to successfully compete on any planet.