Starz Lineup and Planetary Elements [ Battle & Earn Update #1]

Teams of Starz Battle

We’re all eager, yeah, maybe impatient to get going with battles. Your warriors don’t like sitting around just eating and drinking all day. They’ve trained, and will train more, to do battle for glory and GFT!

Your patience will soon be rewarded. You’ve invested your GFT wisely. Maybe you have a few SSR Starz and a couple of UR or some SR Starz. You are going to field some special forces, the elite gladiators whom no one can defeat!

But wait… that wouldn’t be quite fair would it? Nope. And it’s not going to happen or players could buy their way into an unfair advantage. So here's how it’s going to work. When you field a lineup of 3 Starz, a player can use only one each: SSR or UR or SR per team/lineup. You can use all 3 types if you’re lucky enough to have them. No limit to R or N per lineup. That’s going to keep things interesting, don’t you think?

Now think about the Starz in your collection. How do they stack up?

We’re looking out for the little guy here at StarCrazy. We want everyone to have a, well, fighting chance. And in other news…

Volcano Fire Arena

The image above is the background for a battle arena on a planet. Notice, it’s a fiery world. What does that mean for battles? Plenty! The properties of your Starz will either match or be different from the planet where the battle takes place. That will give an advantage or disadvantage to your Starz. This means SSR won’t automatically always beat an SR or other lower-level of rarity.

When a Starz with a Fire element battles another Starz with the same element, neither Starz will be enhanced or reduced. But Fire against water? Or Fire against Grass. That’s not neutral. Are you starting to get the picture of how the element of a planet will affect battles? We’ve sworn a blood oath to not reveal more quite yet.

So what more can we tell you? Your Starz battle attributes are : Attack, HP (Health Points), Speed, Crit rate, and Dodge rate. Uh oh! Someone heard us sharing this with you so we’ve got to run!

How about another tease? Soon you’ll be able to see all other battlers’ Starz collections. How? The Leaderboard for battles will include the address of everyone who has battled. You’re going to go nuts, dare we say Crazy?, with the opposition research you’ll have at your fingertips. Is someone’s collection heavy on Starz with Fire elements? Maybe you’ll think about fielding a team with Water elements. This is going to get seriously strategic!

View the Galaxy of Planets in the StarCrazy UI

Here’s something you may not have noticed. You can wander around the galaxy of planets in StarCrazy and poke around even down to the planet level!

Really? Yes and here’s how you do it.

Click into the Market

Then click on the Planet icon, next to the “Free Market” tab

Planet Market

Click “View Position” for any planet

Planet Free Market

Now you can scroll up and down to see nearby planet, some of which are clickable

You can see the planet’s Name, Element (Fire, Rock, Water, Grass, Toxic, or Food), Size, Quality (how rare it is) and brief description.

Click “Back” and you’ll see the entire planet map.

Galaxy Map of Planets

There’s a lot to learn about each planet and now you know how to do it!

Stay tuned for next week’s Bits on Battles, our weekly slow drip of delicious samples of what’s coming next!