Claim your share of the $600,000 USD Syrup Pool starting Friday!

We now have over 1,000+ daily active players. We are growing and adding new players very fast! IoTeX blockchain on which StarCrazy is built, has hit #1 in social popularity last week and StarCrazy got more new players from that activity!

StarCrazy Token Distribution for October, 2021

Quick updates:

Activities are increasingly daily at StarCrazy. We now have over 1,000+ daily active players. We are growing and adding new players very fast!

IoTeX blockchain on which StarCrazy is built, has hit #1 in social popularity last week and StarCrazy got more new players from that activity!

Keep in mind you will also need GFS to bid on the planet auction coming up on December 28th. Start saving GFS for it! Link to our planet's article here.

Now, to the main news!

$500,000 USD worth of GFT is up for grabs for GFS owners.

Remember when we said that GFS 100% owned by the player, well now you will get to benefit from it directly. The first step to the DAO and player economy, you get part of every Starz sale on the market…. Yes, every single sales sale!

StarCrazy is player-first at every step, and as more features are being added. Players benefit at every step. This is a major step for the player economy and distribution of revenue. Unlike other companies that keep 100% of the profit, most of the profit goes back to the players!

20,657 (~$500,000 USD at current market price) GFT Mining (Syrup Pool) with GFS begins on Friday, Nov 19 at UTC+8

On this date players will be able to stake their GFS to earn a share of the GFT revenue from October’s game earnings. When you stake your GFS, every new block created earns you GFT from the Syrup pool. The GFT was collected from the market sales in October, and is being distributed back to players. From whales to players!

Here is a video tutorial to clarify how the tokenomic works!

The number of tokens you earn is based on your percentage of the entire number of GFS that have been staked.

For example: If there are 10,000 GFS staked, and you stake 100 GFS, you would earn 1% of the game earnings from October over a period of 30 days. The 20,574 GFT pool will be distributed in one month to all the GFS Holders who stake in Syrup Pool.

  • GFS Syrup  Pool (30%) 20,574.6 This is used as rewards for staking
Graphic showing the transaction flow for the Official Market

How to participate?

Here’s how you can join in the fun and profit to mine GFS.

Start by adding GFT/IOTX to the liquidity pool in ​​mimo. Go to,

  • Click on Liquidity
  • Click Add
  • Select the IOTX/GFT pair
  • Enter the amount of liquidity you want to add to the pool
  • Press Supply
  • Press Confirm Supply

Now you go into the StarCrazy app

Click on LP Mining (to add your GFT /IOTX)

Click Add

Enter the number of GFT /IOTX you want to stake

Click Confirm

Once it’s finished processing, right away  you’ll  see GFS tokens being mined and added to your account!  

Burning Tokens

Why burn? We are making a popular game that rewards users, and it could have an inflationary effect as people flood into the game in the near future. The burn (deflationary mechanic) is to counterbalance an inflationary environment.

  • Burned in October 2021 (20%) 13,716 (~ $330,000 USD)

What’s been going on with StarCrazy revenue?

StarCrazy token Distribution for October of 2021

As you can see in the graphic above, October was another great month for StarCrazy. In the Official Auction, the value of Starz sold was 65,118 GFT, and the Free Market produced 3,464 in GFT from person to person sales cut. (Peer-to-Peer, if you like)

The combined revenue from those sales was GFT 68,582. How was that revenue shared? We’re glad you asked since we know you’re going to like the answer. (Spoiler alert. Most revenue goes to players!)

  • Burned (20%) 13,716 This deflationary act increases the value of GFT
  • GFS Syrup Pool (30%) 20,574.6 This will be used as rewards for staking
  • Play-To-Earn (30%) 20,574.6 This will be used for in-game rewards
  • Developer Game Upgrades (20%) This makes it possible to  add more fun, exciting, and rewarding features to StarCrazy as well as continue to build core game functionality, to bring you the best P2E game ever.

Here Comes Another Flash Sale!

For those who are waiting, more collectible Starz are coming, and Supa Star is ready to join StarMania!

The Flash Sale is taking place this Thursday (11/18), at 9:00AM Eastern Time (1:00PM UTC). Each sale will last only 1 hour and will feature 2 types of Starz. So you gotta be quick to join in on the fun!

During each sale, you will get the chance to join an auction to bid on a limited edition Starz collectible, which can be used in battles in the future. These special cards will add unique skills and play an additional role in battles. (We can’t tell you everything too soon!) The Flash Sale cards do not have Digg Power and are intended solely for battling purposes.

This is the perfect opportunity to add special cards to your collection without having to fuse Starz for leveling up your rarity! Add these to your rare NFT collection and start stacking your team for the battlefield. Keep reading for more battle details.

Meet your Battle Starz: Káyu and Einstein

Káyu is a fiery battle Star. She will be your battle partner on your way to the top of the rankings.

Einstein might look like a brainiac, but his ability to think can be dangerous...for your enemies!

Start preparing for the GFS Syrup Pool. Here is a video on how to start earning it, you can also buy GFS on

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