How the Starz Began

How the Starz Began

Legend has it that when the universe was created, there existed planets of different styles, all of which seemed to be composed of the same basic matter. This matter, when combined with a mysterious energy, gave birth to five original elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Live, and Toxin.

The Secret Wormhole

As technology on Earth advanced, scientists Malika and Erin discovered a spacetime wormhole leading to an unknown universe. In an IO time-traveling spacecraft, they navigated their way through a 12-dimensional space, with their molecules being recombined together. After that, they were reformed into intelligent organisms in cat form. In this universe, those two knowledgeable scientists embarked on a new adventure, out of curiosity. (We all know cats are curious)

The Search for Life

Malika and Erin traveled across all of the planets of different elements and named the universe the “Starz Universe.” Every time they arrived on a new planet, they, in their new cat-like form, would feel the force generated by the element of each particular planet.  Based on this feeling, the two scientists wondered whether there is primitive life and why they can feel the force. All these questions led them to continue their journey throughout the universe studying the mystery of the elements while searching for any signs of primitive life. Hundreds of millions of blocks later, what would have been millennia in their home universe, the basic matter and energy did not merge in the primitive stage of the Starz Universe. They failed to produce any findings on the powerful energy they felt, or any signs of primeval forms of life. Feeling defeated and lonely, the two aging travelers concluded that they would create a new life for the universe, as the last wish in their lives.

The Creation of Life

With all the knowledge learned throughout their lives, Malika and Irene, on each planet,  set up large hadron colliders called “fusers”. Each of these “fusers” allowed the two scientists to analyze the atomic structure of their bodies. From that day onwards, new lives could be created with the machine automatically, based on the basic material of each planet and the force produced throughout the universe. Then, more and more life forms like Malika and Irene began to emerge on the planets. They called these creatures “Starz.”

Human or Starz

The secret wormhole was gradually discovered by more human beings who set foot on this new and unknown universe with their IO spaceships. They discovered many Starz on the planets. A part of those human beings befriended the Starz, starting a new Starz-like life. However, others had more sinister intentions to rule the Starz Universe.

Co-exist or Conquer?

To live with Starz together, those who love peace chose to build the Starz civilization in harmony with their Starz friends. In contrast, the humans with a deep lust to control and conquer the Starz Universe chose a darker path to enslave the Starz. They hoped that the Starz could be genetically modified to serve as war machines. With these weaponized Starz, the evil humans could expand their power across the universe. Against this backdrop, the conflict between the two factions of humans grew intense. To achieve their respective goals, both sides struggled to be more powerful in battles against each other by exploring the universe and learning how they might control the destiny of the Starz Universe.