Here Come Interstellar Mines!

Here Come Interstellar Mines!

As the blockchain world is all abuzz awaiting the Merge, Ethereum’s shift from Proof-of-Work to a Proof-of-Stake protocol we’re still ‘getting it done’. We build. Here’s what’s coming next.

The development of the construction feature is almost done. It will be tested this week. Interstellar mines will be the first feature introduced at the end of September. Yay!!

With the Construction feature, players can build, upgrade, or demolish buildings on their planets. The interstellar mines can produce both regular and rare ores in six elements, including food. These ores will be used by players to upgrade or build buildings. The higher the quality or level of a building, the higher the chance a player can get rare ores. Interstellar mines can only produce ores of the corresponding element. For example, Fire planets can only mine ores of the Fire Element.

More Features in the Making

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We’re always mindful of how new players learn to play and continue to improve usability. We’ll be adding more accessible ways, embedded directly on our official website’s UI (user interface) to learn how features work. Stay tuned for details.

StarCrazy in Partnership with MetaMirror

Our partnership with MetaMirror will help the community stay on top of all the info on StarCrazy, have a meeting space and more. Check out StarCrazy’s Space! And learn more about MetaMirro Spaces here.

One Year Anniversary Suggestions from Players

We’re so happy that the StarCrazy community provides suggestions on improving the game and on how we can celebrate StarCrazy’s one year anniversary.

Great suggestions including “Double the nft mining reward for one month, from the current 2000 GFT to 4000 GFT”We probably won’t raise it by that much (we’d love to but…) and were already planning to do this so stay tuned for how much and when this increase in mining rewards will be happening. Read the recent blog with more suggestions