Ready to Own Your Planet? StarCrazy Land Grab is Coming

Soon you will be able to own your planets. This is the next step in the evolution of the StarCrazy universe. The benefits are going to amaze you.

StarCrazy Planets Graphic



This is the next step in the evolution of the StarCrazy universe. Soon you will be able to break away from the shackles of Starmania, and own your planet. Just like the ancients foretold, the space travel is real and the benefits of owning your planet are going to amaze you.

Be your own boss. Set your own schedule. Run your own tournament business. Rent your planet to others and travel the universe. It is almost time to leave Starmania and see other parts of the StarCrazy galaxy.

Owning Planets Has Never Been More Fun!

There will be many ways to enjoy ownership in the StarCrazy universe

Each planet will come with its own unique flora and fauna. There are different types of planets. Are you a Fiery type? Well then we’ve got the planet for you, nice and hot. Or do you  love swimming and water? Then a Water planet will let your Starz chill by the beach while sipping on (non-alcoholic) martinis.

Choose a Planet That is Perfect For You!

There will be 6 types of Planets, each one a different color. Those colors will represent different attributes and qualities. And here’s where it gets interesting. Those attributes will affect the conditions of battle grounds, bonuses and the type of Starz that will thrive or wither depending on the planetary conditions. Plus  they give you access to lucrative assets and income. Sometimes an unlevel playing field is a good thing.

Traveling in the StarCrazy Universe

Sometimes, traveling Starmines will appear in the StarCrazy universe, allowing your Starz to mine it. The distances from planet to planet or planet to an interstellar mine can be long and arduous. When you own a planet, you might get to the front of the line faster when you want to travel to a planet or an interstellar mine. Owning a planet speeds you along that cumbersome interstellar commute.

Be the first to mine, dispatch and get that sweet, sweet Star Crystal income.

Don’t have a planet? Don’t worry!  Your travel at normal speeds starts from Starmania.

Host Your Own Tournaments and Prosper!

The amazing thing about owning your own planet is the ability to generate income. And what better way than being able to hold your own interstellar tournament. Let the players travel across the universe to participate in your battle royale. As a property owner you will be able to get your fair due.

When you own a planet, you’ll be able to do more than just hold tournaments, your Starz will travel faster.

You’ll be able to build on that land, rent it and much more! Be the king of your own planetary domain and start building your interstellar empire.  

More on StarCrazy Planets

But more on that later. In the meantime, keep trading, fusing, and mining GFT and GFS to prepare for the ultimate coming birth of Planets! The near-term plans are more than a little crazy to think about, aren’t they?

You will need GFS  to participate in the upcoming planet land grab auction in Q1, 2022.