Meet the Most Passionate Starcrazy Fuser

Congratulations - Player who has done the most fuses.

We are celebrating our one-year anniversary with amazing events between September 27th to October 27th. Here is an interview with KHADERZ, a one-year anniversary NFT winner. He is the player with the most fuses in Starcrazy. Let’s learn about his little secrets.

Can you tell us about yourself?

KHADERZ: I'm a man from Indonesia, and just finished my master's education, while in college I earn money from NFT games, stocks, and crypto. I like the crypto world.

When did you find StarCrazy?

KHADERZ: In September 2021, I heard about Starcrazy from Hendra and Rein. We were in the same NFT game community. Those two people really helped me in Starcrazy.

You are the player with the most fuses in StarCrazy. As of October, you have performed more than 41 thousand fuses. How do you control your emotions during fusing?

KHADERZ: Actually the number may be more than forty-one thousand fuses, because I play with five accounts. But indeed skzw is the oldest account. Fusing really plays with my emotions, which is hard for me to control. Usually I need to be alone to fuse. In this way, I feel calm enough to think, especially when I fuse an SSR. Another reason I play so many accounts is to control my emotions.

Tell us about your experiences in fusing Starz. What do you consider when choosing Starz to fuse? Other players are curious.

KHADERZ: There are many things that I consider before I fuse. First, the most important thing is dot positions. Sometimes there are patterns that change. Given that, we must be able to figure it out to get a high success rate when fusing. Second, the number of the same parts and the number of rare body parts often give you surprises when they upgrade. That's my observation.

What do you think about the future of StarCrazy?

KHADERZ: This is the longest-lived NFT game I have ever played. This game is very creative and innovative. In my opinion, its future is promising since the developers are always making interesting changes.

Is there anything else you want to talk to the team about? We are pleased to hear from you:).

KHADERZ: I hope fusing can be made faster, since it is not time-efficient with two  confirmations for a fuse, especially for those who fuse from N Starz. If the fusing system can be made more efficient, it will definitely attract more players. Pay attention to the rewards given, whether it's mining rewards or PvP or PvE, I think the rewards are small, maybe the developers are preparing another source of income from this game, and we're looking forward to it. The batteries that appear on the market really make lags when we want to buy Starz, I hope it will be smooth in the future.

Thank you for your constructive suggestions KHADERZ!!!