StarCrazy’s 1 Year Anniversary

StarCrazy 1 Year Anniversary graphic - Birthday cake + 2 Starz with party hats!

We hope you like our updated website that features our upcoming 1 year anniversary. Feel free to grab a slice of our virtual birthday cake. The icing is delicious!

Coming AMA

AMA with Double Protocol: Wed Sept 7, 1pm UTC -  on Twitter Spaces

Double Protocol - Rental Protocol for Utility NFTs

StarCrazy One Year Anniversary

We’re excited to celebrate this major milestone. StarCrazy has reached the one year mark. And we’ve built a fully functional game that offers players a fun playing experience and an ever expanding list of ways to earn, from mining, to fusing and selling, to PvP, betting, staking and more!

We haven’t staggered or walked across the 1 year finish line. We’ve sprinted through the winner’s tape, strong enough to keep going for the foreseeable future. At the one year mark, the team is as excited to build and improve this amazing game as it was when StarCrazy first launched. And of course, it couldn’t have happened without you, the players.

We’re going to spend one month celebrating with plenty of fantastic activities that offer big rewards and great ways to share your memories with the StarCrazy community.

But before we get all of this underway, we have to ask, what ideas do you have to celebrate the anniversary. Please send us your suggestions. We know we have some crazy-creative people in the community. Now’s the time to let those ideas burst forth.

Mining is ridiculously easy

Are you putting your Starz to work to make money for you? Ask yourself why not? Better yet, I’ll ask you why not? Don’t leave money on the table! Put those Starz to work or they’re just going to be on social media all day long.

Update to a Feature Update! (say what?!!!?)

Last week we revealed the Random Buff feature in Season 4 PvP battles. Now we’re throwing it out there that the Food element will give a buff to everyone! It’s a feast. It’s a party. Well, let’s be honest, sometimes not everyone has fun at parties. That’s ok. There’s always another party.

Check out this recent tweet:

Correction: In last week’s description, we forgot to describe the buff for the Rock element. When that element is selected for the random buff players will be protected by a shield of 15 points.

Final Thought

We’ll be issuing a truly special 1 year anniversary Card. The design of the 1 year anniversary card will be similar to the Pioneer card. You will be awarded this card after you complete tasks that we’ll announce very soon. Stay tuned for these details and the deadline to complete those tasks.