StarCrazy One Year Memorial Card

1 Year Memorial Card as imagined by a fan

StarCrazy One Year Memorial Card

(Today’s banner is not the real design. It is a fan’s imagination of the design.)

Soon we will be giving away One Year Memorial cards. To qualify for yours you’ll need to complete some tasks. We’ll be posting these tasks in our in-game invitation system which goes live on September 27.

The tasks must be completed between 2am UTC September 27 and 2am UTC, October 27

Once the tasks are completed you will receive your card at a specific time/date. Stay tuned to learn the specific date.

New Element Buff System in Season 4

40% of the time there will be no Buff given. 60% of the time you will receive one of the six element Buffs. The 6 elements will be equally distributed during those times when an element is going to appear.

StarCrazy Crazy Facts

You’ll find a collection of these fun facts on our Twitter feed so we thought we’d share a few of them with you.