Get Your Planet For Christmas! GFS Guide + Flash Sale

You will now be able to buy planets with GFS. We wanted to make it fair to everyone in the StarCrazy universe, since your experience is most important to us.

Santa Delivers StarCrazy Planets

Happy HODL-Days To You!

Wait, didn’t you mean Happy Holidays? Nope, we mean HODL, as in Hold On for Dear Life.

This is the start of the HODL-day season!

You already knew that 100% of GFS tokens will be mined and owned by players, used in governance, and benefit many other aspects of the game. That means very soon, you the players will have the ultimate say in how the game is developed.

Clever players like yourself have already been HODLing GFS and asking us what will be the uses of GFS beyond the staking, beyond the DAO, beyond yield farming, beyond getting your cut of every single transaction...

Well how about them Planets!  

It is official- You will now be able to buy planets with GFS. We wanted to make it fair to everyone in the StarCrazy universe, since your experience is most important to us. Therefore, 100% player held and owned assets, such as GFS, should be directly linked to governance and ownership on its own. This embodies true decentralized ownership, all facilitated with the player-controlled currency, without entry barriers.

This is GameFi sharing economy in action.

What you didn’t know is this- Around this coming holiday season, StarCrazy will be releasing a limited number of Planets for sale. And you can only buy planets using GFS. There will be no entrance fee to enter the GFS bidding auctions. Originally planned as a mix of GFS and GFT auctions, the team ultimately decided that 100% player-owned currency is the appropriate direction to DAO. We welcome all star travelers with open arms! 100% Fair and 100% Fun!

So the smart thing to do now is to start HODLing (we really mean it- Hold On for Dear Life!) those GFS for your holiday gift giving. Maybe it will be a gift you give to yourself. Those gifts are pretty good too!

Why Own a Planet?

First of all, anyone who owns a planet is a baller. Maybe baller on a budget... but still a baller!

How often do you get to drop a hint at a party, “Hey everyone, let's go back to my planet and continue the party there!” Pretty cool idea, huh?

Picture yourself on your planet, sitting by the ocean, sipping your favorite drink. Now imagine you want to hold your own battle tournament to earn crypto from the entry fees. Yes, this and much more (in game dynamics) could all be yours when you get your planet.

Hey, it’s your Metaverse after all.

Your planet will give you lots of perks:

  • Host your own battle tournaments
  • Rent your planet to others while you travel the StarCrazy universe
  • Upgrade your planet with enhanced abilities (using GFS)
  • Choose from 6 types of planets, each with a different color that determine its unique attributes
  • Your planet attributes will affect the conditions of battle grounds, bonuses, and the type of Starz that will thrive or wither depending on the planetary conditions
  • Your planets give you access to lucrative assets and income
  • Traveling StarMines will occasionally appear in the universe, allowing your Starz to mine it. When you own a planet, you might get to the front of the line faster when you want to travel to a planet or an interstellar mine. Owning a planet speeds you along that cumbersome interstellar commute (versus a normal speed for players still in Starmania).

Here is the kicker, if you've been following along with our hints and guides, you already knew it was coming. And we want to say congratulations to you with this sticker!

You were smart and thinking ahead. Once again, it is 100% player owned, mined, and earned. If you haven't purchased GFS yet, the reality is that we are very much in the beginning of the StarCrazy journey, and it’s never too late to join us on this crazy adventure. Read and watch the video below for how to start mining your GFS.

We are planning a massive marketing campaign in the coming months, so get ready for the StarCrazy trip to the Planets. The general public will have their eyes opened, and the Axie crowd is about to discover a new NFT game that is so much more promising in every way. Cheaper transactions, full ownership, amazing development team. We are light-years ahead! The future has never been brighter for StarCrazy, we are so happy to have you with us.

Strap on your seatbelt because the Star Crazy is about to take off to the masses, and the countdown starts NOW.

How do I get started?

To watch and hear the instructions below, please watch this video or keep reading.


  • Download and install an ioPay Wallet. You can get it on the Google Playstore or the Apple’s App Store. Now you can create a new wallet or import an existing wallet. (Remember to save a copy of your private key somewhere safe)
  • Next you need to buy IOTX, the native token of IoTeX. You can do this on Binance or other crypto exchanges on this list.
  • Exchange IOTX for GFT - in the ioPay app, tap on Discover (if you do not see it, enable Discover here), and scroll to the mimo icon. When in mimo, connect your ioPay Wallet, Select GFT as the currency you want to  swap your IOTX into, the amount, press Swap and confirm.

Mining GFS

To earn GFS you’ll need to add liquidity to the IOTX/GFT pool.

  • When in mimo,  tap on Liquidity
  • Add Liquidity
  • Select the IOTX/GFT pair
  • Fill in the amount you want to add to the pool.
  • Now click Supply and Confirm Supply.
  • Now leave mimo and go into the StarCrazy app.
  • Go to the StarMine tab to stake your IOTX/GFT tokens
  • Click on LP Mining
  • Click Add
  • Fill in the number of tokens you’d like to stake
  • Click Confirm

Immediately, you’ll be able to see the GFS being mined. To collect your earnings you just need to click on Harvest.

Get Started Today and Grow Your GFS Holdings

We told why it’s cool, the fun you’ll have, and the crypto you’ll earn. Now it’s up to you to take these instructions and make it real. Get going!

Owning a planet is going to be a big deal. Earning GFS is how you’ll do it!

Read more about planets: Ready to Own Your Planet? StarCrazy Land Grab is Coming

The Next Flash Sale is coming!

For those who are waiting, more collectible Starz are coming, and Supa Star is ready to join StarMania!

The Flash Sale is taking place this Thursday (11/4), at 9:00AM Eastern Time (1:00PM UTC). Each sale will last only 1 hour and will feature 2 types of Starz. So you gotta be quick to join in on the fun!

During each sale, you will get the chance to join an auction to bid on a limited edition Star collectible, which can be used in battles in the future. These special cards will add unique skills and play an additional role in battles. (We can’t tell you everything too soon!) The Flash Sale cards do not have Digg Power and are intended solely for battling purposes.

This is the perfect opportunity to add special cards to your collection without having to fuse Starz for leveling up your rarity! Add these to your rare NFT collection and start stacking your team for the battlefield. Keep reading for more battle details.

Meet your Battle Starz: Supa and Lovely

Supa will be your hidden Supa power on your battling team. He will smite his enemies and fly circles around them.

Although Lovely may look full of love - watch out! She is feisty on the battlefield. Watch your enemies tremble in fear when she pulls out her bow and arrow.