New StarCrazy App Look and Planets Map Revealed!

New StarCrazy App Look and Planets Map Revealed!

Hi StarCrazies,

The year may be winding down but we’re not slowing the pace here at StarCrazy. Over this past weekend, we Chimney Dropped 2,942 X-Mas NFTs that can be used in Battles and many of you have told us how awesome they are. All the active players got it! What’s next? A new look for StarCrazy.

Syrup Pool + LPMining

We’ve been busy redoing the look of the game (the User Interface or UI) and we think you’re going to like what you see. We had hoped to do this a little early but we’d rather do it right than rush so the new UI release date is December 31st, New Year’s Eve.

Calling all the Bounty Hunters in the StarCrazy Universe!

Get ready to start off on a crazy note and become a StarCrazy Bounty hunter! Starz needs your help. Help the game get better!

Once we release the new UI we’ll be looking to you, StarCrazies, to keep an eye out for anything that needs adjusting. If you find a bug we’ll happily reward you with GFT bounty so stay tuned for more on that Bug Bounty (details coming next week) and how you can report any bugs you might find!  

Planet Launch Update

Since we’re working on giving you the best looking game in the universe that requires a lot of testing. We originally had planned planets for Q1 2022, but then decided to try to build it even sooner. But this tech is complicated and requires a lot of testing. We need the new user interface rolled out before we can launch planet auctions. And so we have moved the auction back by a few weeks. This gives us more time to test and to bring you the best experience.
The new launch date is on January 18th! Please help us get ready for next year. We will start next week with the new UI (User Interface) bug bounty, and we hope you can help! And we will even have a prize survey for that. Next week we will announce all the details.

Three StarCrazy Planets

Here’s a quick taste of StarCrazy Planets map! Get ready!

If you missed our earlier blog on the planets you can read it here.