P's On Earth: PvP & PvE Updates

P's On Earth: PvP & PvE Updates

We asked. You told us.

These will be the prices for entering a battle in one of the three arena levels. The different arena levels (as you go up in arena level) have fewer restrictions as to the cards that you can use.

Stellar Arenas: 0.5 GFT (Junior - most limited)

Planetary Arenas: 0.5 GFT (Middle level - fewer restrictions)

Highest level:  5 GFT (Nearly zero restrictions)

PvE News

The specifics on how PvE will work are becoming clearer. For example:

PvE Function Fee Distribution (GFS) - a Clarification

(for extra chances beyond your free PvE battles)

10% - goes to planet owner

90% - will be burned (yay - my $$ is worth more!)

And here are the results of a recent poll that asked, what buff will your starz enjoy with the same element as that of a planet. https://twitter.com/StarCrazyGame/status/1533811622967656448

Must-See AMAs

AMA Cryptagende with Ann Chua - Thurs June 9, 7:00PM UTC+8 https://t.me/cryptagende

AMA with IoTeX, Chinese Community June 10 Fri w 8pm UTC+8 Johnny Wong to moderate. http://t.me/IoTeXGroupCN

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