PvP Season 2: Skills Books Are Coming

PvP Season 2: Skills Books Are Coming

Hi StarCrazyies!

Wow! Is Season 1 of PvP really over? It officially ends today, 26th April 12am UTC+8.

We will send the special Season NFT cards rewards once the season ends.

When you claim PvP rewards, GFT and Ores will be distributed based on your ranking. Please remember to claim your rewards without delay.

Season 1 rewards can be claimed from 12am 26th April - 23:59:59 28th April (UTC+8). After that they’re gone, gone, gone! (Think of it like sending tokens to a dead address). We hope you’re both a winner AND you won’t have to think about lost rewards)

Special Seasonal NFT Rewards will be distributed to Players from who Rank 1 to Rank 20 after 28th April 2022

Hints of Season 2

Season 2 begins on Monday, May 2nd and will last approximately 1 month (to be confirmed)

Planet News!

Soon, your Starz will be able to learn valuable skills by getting a skill book. Wait, StarCrazy is opening an online bookstore!!??

Seriously, how will I get a skill book?

We’re introducing PvE!

You’ll be able to fight a monster or Boss to win a skill book. The higher you rank the more skills you can win. You will have to achieve a certain rank on the leaderboard to get the skill books that will be rewarded during this season. (more info to come…)

Element Constraints System Enhancement that will strengthen or weaken your Starz, depending how your element matches your opponent’s. (more info coming)

Skill system - e.g. automatic health recovery. Mid-battle, recover health points!

Pre-Match Adjustment for PvP

Soon you will be able to view the lineup of your opponent and adjust your own lineup.

Congrats to the 10 StarCrazy Winners in last week’s Giveaway of $400 in GFT

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GameFi Discussion

Speaker: Ann, Partnership Lead of StarCrazy

12 PM UTC | April 26, 2022

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Last Flash Sale (for now…)

You want these two in your corner when things get dicey!

Einstein will out-think you

He’ll sink you and

Worst of all

He’ll stink you!

Nezha, can be your patron saint of misfits and the rebellious teenager God who lives in us all. She took her time getting here but you’re glad she’s finally here.

Get going with Season 2! If you want to rank, you’ve got to play often and play smart!