Season 1 Rewards

Zeus, the top Season 1 Battle Award

We’ll be completing Season 1 of battling in not too long. And for this first season we have rewards to distribute!

One thousand players will receive rewards! See how this will break down in the graphic below.

And we also have special Season NFT cards for the top 20 players - also as shown above. Take a look at these cards.

These special NFTs are worth fighting for - They give you special buff, but what kind?... you’ll have to find out.

Zeus, the top battle award for Season 1
1st Place - Diamond Reward NFT
2nd Place - Gold Reward NFT
3rd Place - Silver Reward NFT
4th Place to 20th Place - each receive a Bronze Reward NFT

And speaking of 4 special cards!

There were 4 UR Starz created by fusing recently. Pretty sweet when that happens!

Keep fusing your Starz. You might be the next lucky person. Take a look at these babies!

Storage for Your ‘Stuff’

In the next fews days, we’ll be releasing the Storage Function. We know there are going to be items you’ll be able to earn, find, or trade, that is, there will be collectibles. Your pockets aren’t large enough so we’re creating a storage function. Here’s what it will look like.

Syrup Pool Distribution for March

As we do every month, StarCrazy saves the lion’s share of tokens for players and burns 20% to reduce the total number of tokens in circulation. As we continue to grow and as the number of tokens continues to decrease, the long term prospects look great. (of course that ain’t investment advice!)

New high on Flash Sale NFT - 150 GFT purchase price (will be burned)

Last week we auctioned off 6 Buff NFTs and two of them went for 150 GFT. Naturally, the money from this sale was also burned. That smell in the air is the smokey smell of deflation.

Next Flash Sale

Wed, Apr 20, UTC 12:00pm

The next Flash Sale will feature:

Scholar HP+5% and Ninja Speed+2

Loving Homes Need for Scholar and Ninja (2 Starz, 3 of each, 6 total)

They have no food allergies (unless you consider Ethereum gas fees a food group) and are well behaved except when they aren’t. (That’s why you’ll love them)

Scholar studies your opponent’s weaknesses to give you a winning advantage. Ninja is fast, fast fast! How fast? Your opponent realizes their belt was cut when they feel a cool breeze on their bottom and they see their pants are around their ankles.

And remember, all GFT from sale are burned to increase the value of GFT for the ecosystem

Things continue to hum along in the world of StarCrazy devs. Build release, build release. It’s all good.