Season Three Has PVE!

Season Three Has PVE!

As the game gets richer it’s good to remind players of the rules they need to remember.For some players, this may be the first time they are hearing these things.

PvP Season 3 begins Thursday June 23 UTC 16:00 (First Match) and ends on Wednesday, August 3rd UTC 8:00 (Last Match

Let the battles begin!!


Battling: Both PvP and PvE cost the same energy points so keep an eye on that to take advantage of whatever battles you wish to do and what Starz you can use.

Planet owners - If you put your planet on the market,

1) PVE income will no longer be available if a planet is listed on the market.

2) Once the planet has been put on the market, the PVE income of that planet is now in the smart contract for that planet’s sale. As such it will be burned and the planet owner won’t get this income.

3) If it is not on the market, 10% of the fee goes to its owner and 90% will be burned.

The Boss appears on a new planet at  00.00 UTC every day. Players get new free chances at that time so get ready to battle and win some skills!

[graphic coming]

StoryCrazy Story Contest Update

Our Story contest is being sweetened. We will be providing 100$ in GFT. Our dev team will choose 5 stories from all the submitted stories. Then we will ask our community members to vote for the 2 best stories. Story Writers, fill in this form to submit your story

Not only will we reward you in crypto, you should know that the winners of this contest will have their stories read by over 25,000 of our newsletter subscribers and our wider community on Telegram and Twitter. More details to come soon.

IoTeX x StarCrazy Community Call Recap

It’s safe to speak for both Ann and myself (Marcos) when I say, it was such a pleasure to do this past week’s AMA with some of the StarCrazy audience.

PVE Season One Has Begun!

It will go from June 19 UTC 16:00 to July 19th UTC 15:59:59

You have to try out this new function. It is beyond cool!

PvE Strategy: A Preview

Unlike the PVP function, there is no restriction on the Starz you can use in the PVE function. You can even send three UR Starz to fight. So please use the strongest lineup you have to fight!


(there’s always a ‘but’ isn’t there?)

Of course, simply sending 3 UR Starz doesn’t represent your strongest lineup in this function since Starz can enjoy a strong 15% attack power buff if their element matches that of the planet selected everyday. That buff is decided by players through last week’s twitter polls. Given the buff, the attack power of an SSR even SR Starz may surpass that of a UR starz. In this case, you can achieve higher damage in the PVE function by selecting the Starz having the same element as that of the planet. You should carefully choose the Starz costing them one energy point to fight in this function. Starz without any energy points cannot be sent in a PVE or PVP battle. Moreover, planet owners can enjoy a unique 5% health buff if they fight on their selected planet. Therefore, the owners should carefully use this chance which may allow them to inflict higher damage than usual.

You can click the confirm button after selecting your lineup. Before clicking the button, please check your lineup is your final lineup choice since it cannot be changed if you click the button costing one energy point for each Starz.

May’s Syrup Pool

Check out the ways in which players were able to earn GFT in May!