Sell and Buy Items to Build Your Planet

Sell and Buy Items to Build Your Planet

Dear Starcrazy Fans:

Well, it seems that the Bitcoin price has been hovering at the 16,000 USDT level. But we don’t know whether we have reached the bottom. HODL GFT and GFS with your diamond hand guys~

The Consignment Store will be launched this week.

This much-anticipated feature will finally come out this week. In this store, you can sell or buy the game items you want with GFT. Get them to build up your planet!!!

The Building Reconstruction Feature is now under development.

You may wonder how to apply the building reconstruction permits? Here comes the answer. Now the dev team is working hard to turn the reconstruction feature into reality. Now, for example, your building quality is random if you build one on your planet. Of course, the rarer your planet is, the bigger the chance you can get a building of higher quality. But the building quality will not exceed your planet’s quality.

With those permits, your building quality can be changed with a certain possibility that it can surpass the planet’s quality. That sounds magical!!!

• A playback of last week’s inspiring and thought-provoking AMA (Watch the playback through this link: It is truly a pleasure to see Rhey again~

Although the crypto market is yet to recover, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has been witnessing exciting matches! Our official website has been updated to celebrate that wonderful event with all soccer fans around the world.

Starcrazy’s World Cup, or PVP season 4, has ended just now with CRKSOLY.   defending his crown among other strong players. Here is an interview with the seasonal champion. (Congrats CRKSOLY, or Alfredo !!)

1) Hello, you've been one of the strongest StarCrazy players lately. Can you tell the StarCrazy community a little bit about yourself?

My name is Alfredo. I am professional football trainer in Los Angeles. I own a clothing brand as well here in LA. I started investing into iotex because I did a lot of research into the ecosystem before felling in love with it. I’ve invested over 70k USD into the ecosystem so far with about 30k into StarCrazy.

2) In this PvP season, we could not know who would be the champion until the last match. It was a very competitive season. We would like you to share your tactical moves on your way to the championship.

This season was very intense. At one point I was behind first place by about 11 points. I was on losing six matches in a row. It was easy to lose hope at this point. The thing about this game is that everyone has different teams. Once you get to a certain place you keep playing the same teams until you move up or they push you down to play other teams. My teams lined up well against those players and towards the end I got my lucky break, winning 3 points in the second to last match. I knew I would battle against USA in the last match so I paid attention to the cards he liked to use the most in the last 10 matches before encountering those cards. That was how I championed.

3) What should we pay attention to when creating the Starz NFT roster? How to form a team to become a champion

It is important to pay attention to all attributes of a star. The higher the points a star has the better. One must build a team of 4-5 URs with all strong power, HP, dodge, speed, etc, and also different elements. This is the Same with SSR and SR Starz. Based on this tactic, you can build your champion team.

4) Have you ever had an unforgettable match in the PvP season?

I have not. Most matches are determined mostly by elemental advantage. (So better fully take advantage of the element system)

5) What do you think about the next season? Your opponents will come back with stronger teams.

Next season will be tough just like this season. I know the teams I competed within the top 10 will be more powerful, meaning I just need a stronger lineup as well.

6) What else would you like to share with the StarCrazy community?

Invest in the game and the IoTex ecosystem. There’s nothing like it out there.

Thank you for being so supportive, Alfredo! Stay tuned for more exciting features during your Starcrazy journey!