The Apex Arena Breakdown Blog

The Apex Arena Breakdown Blog

This time, we present the exciting apex arena feature to you. Through this feature, we can win tokens from our opponent in a battle. Also, audiences can bet on battles to win more!


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First, click the “Universe” icon at the bottom left corner on the default page.




Then, you can see the icon to enter apex arenas.

You can see the apex arena page after clicking that icon.

On this page, we have stellar, planetary, and supernova apex arenas with different restrictions on what type of card you can use. Please choose your preferred arena to battle. Registration for battles starts at 00:00 and 12:00 UTC every day, lasting for nine hours. Players will then be able to place bets on the battling teams for two hours and 50 minutes. The battle lasts 10 minutes. So players who want to bet can do so two hours and 50 minutes before a battle begins.

Next, we will introduce the way to apply for a battle:

As shown above, there are two matches. The picture shows the registration countdown and the battle start countdown. A match is applicable with a registration countdown. Players cannot apply for a match if its battle countdown is displayed. Another thing to note is that if you have signed up for a match, the battle start countdown will be shown automatically.

We can click any of the “+” icons to see the window to select your starz before applying for a match.

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截屏2022-07-05 07.12.47

Please choose starz according to the restrictions of arenas of different levels.

截屏2022-07-05 07.13.03

Please click “Confirm” after you have selected your starz.

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After that, a contract pop-up asking you to pay will appear. You can finish the registration by paying the fee.

If you have successfully applied for a match, your starz will be displayed in the boxes. If not, a pop-up will show up in your wallet asking you to pay again. One energy point will be deducted for each applied starz. You will be told to pay for your applied match on this page after failing to pay for it. You can pay by clicking on the contract call window again. Your registration will be invalid if you haven’t paid the fee. Apart from that, the deducted energy point will not resume. So please take your time since you have nine hours to register before a match.

Next, we will present the betting feature to you:

Betting is for players who don't want to battle but want to win extra tokens. Currently, there is no cap on the amount of money that you can bet. Those who bet on the right match result split the money from their counterpart (those betting on the other team) according to the bet weight. However, there is a 5% fee charged for winnings while no tax will be imposed on the principal. The fee will go to planet owners once they can construct apex arenas on their planets. Given that, it will currently be destroyed by the smart contract. Those who bet on the winning party can only receive their principal without other players betting on the losing party. On the contrary, your principal will be burned by the smart contract with all betting on the loser.

We can click the “Bet” button to enter the page to bet.

On the “contestable” page, or the match list page, you can see all the matches that you can bet on. You can bet on a player to win tokens if he is the winner of a match.

After clicking the “bet” button, you can enter the amount by calling the contract. With your bet placed, the number shown in the “My Bet” bar will change, meaning that you have successfully bet on a match. Before placing your bet, you can check out the lineups and orders of both parties in a match by clicking their names. The order that you can see is the actual one set up by those two players. The player whose starz wins two battles is the winner of a match, which is similar to the PVP mode. Therefore, you can bet on a player according to his lineup.

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You can check matches that you can bet on by clicking the “Contestable” tag. The matches that you have betted on and those have ended will be shown on the “Betted” and “Ended” pages. So you can see the status of various matches on different pages.

On the “Betted” page, the “Claim” button will be displayed for you to claim your winnings after you meet the requirements to claim them. This is to prevent malicious acts. Winnings can be claimed 12 hours after a match ended.

You can check the recording of an ended battle by hitting the “check” button.

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For battlers, the “History” page is where you can claim your winnings.

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On this page, you can see all the matches you have attended. Also, on the same page, you can claim your winnings if you win. The prize money can only be collected 12 hours after the end of a match. You will be reminded of the remaining lockup time. However, you should claim your winnings as soon as possible although they will not expire.