One Year Anniversary Suggestions from Players

One Year Anniversary Suggestions from Players

As known to all Starcrazy fans, Starcrazy was launched on September 27th, 2021. How time flies! It is September 11th, today! With that being said, this game will be one-year-old 16 days later. In the past year, we achieved many meaningful milestones, such as the launch of the PVP feature in March, the introduction of the PVE function, or Startrial, in June, and the integration of Apex Arenas in July. Of course, to celebrate those milestones, we have planned a series of events for our players to enjoy such an exciting moment. Let’s check out what ideas have been offered by Starcrazy supporters and lovers on Twitter.


@indazew1: Blistering’s and vmpas suggestions are good.. you should make a pool about that and let the community decide :) however and “special” NFT would be expected for players that are active with fusing,buying,selling and battling since 31.12.2021 ;)

Special rewards will be set for those who have offered great support to Starcrazy. We are checking the on-chain data to find out our great contributors, including the biggest liquidity provider, the greatest Starz trader, and the one who fused the most Starz. Thank you for trusting and loving the game so much.

@7zTTmzK3C16NlzK (Blistering): Reward good players with ur cards, they should deserve a 1st anniversary card

Also, we have been designing Starz under the one-year anniversary theme. Those Starz will be available through the upcoming invitation system. So stay tuned!

@LaiWeiLiam: Can I suggest to create a button/panel to favourite our stars, caused I believed many of us have accidentally fuse wrongly especially those normal and rare stars!!!! Thank you

It must be very heart-breaking if the wrong Starz are unintentionally fused together. To avoid this from happening, you can first note down the Starz ID before clicking the “Approve” button. Each Starz has its own unique ID. In this way, you can be clear that whether you are choosing the Starz you want or not.


As requested by our players, we may add such a button in the future to make our game more player-friendly. We definitely want to lower barriers for more players to become Starz fusers.

@saxopile: Double bonus for digP reward. So players are motivated to fuse NFT to gain higher digP

@vmpa8: Double the nft mining reward for one month, from the current 2000 GFT to 4000 GFT

That is already on our event list. To celebrate this one-year anniversary, we will uplift the daily mining production for you to mine even more tokens during a fruitful mining week. Please pay close attention to our official announcement for more information!!!

@NI_Exchange: Gift community members tshirts

This is a good way to make our game more integrated with the real world where Starz can actually be part of our daily life:) Showing the well-designed and cute Starz to people can bring us more players within and beyond the crypto space. In other words, Starcrazy can be exposed to a wider range of audiences. However, there is one thing that needs to be considered, which is the shipping cost. It can be much higher than the T-shirt cost. Nevertheless, T-shirts may be given to the members of our DAO, which will be established in quarter four this year. We must make them honored and proud of being a part of our DAO.

@sonofclub: It would be nice to expand with more mining cards for a week or surprise box gift with exclusive nft, free PVP battles. It should be a month or week full of activities that is noted as a holiday

Yes, this month will be loaded with events and activities. Preparing surprise box, or mystery box, gifts is on a suggestion list for the team. Who doesn’t love getting a rare Starz through a mystery box with as low as 1 or 0.5 GFT? That will make the celebration more exciting and attractive to our supporters and lovers.

Let’s make this one-year anniversary unforgettable and memorable! We hope to celebrate another anniversary with you!