Be Ready for the Consignment Shop

Be Ready for the Consignment Shop

Before we get rolling -  You can start playing StarCrazy today by downloading either MetaMask or ioPay wallets and then going to

This is a new crypto week for us to expect updates from the Starcrazy team. Last week saw FTX’s collapse. But, Starcrazy is here to stay for you to enjoy this wonderful GameFi world.

PVE season 3 was launched on November 9th last week. We hope you enjoy battling in this new season to win magic essence and skill books!! (But no memorial NFTs will be distributed for that season. We certainly want to make those NFTs more valuable, don’t you agree?)

Here is a good news for skill book owners: training grounds for Starz to learn skills are the next building to be introduced for the construction feature. So now win skill books as early as possible!

The dev team is going to drop a big bomb soon, which is the CONSIGNMENT SHOP. In this shop, you can set a price for your game items to sell them for GFT from other players. Alternatively, you can buy what you need to DIY your planet from others. The shop will be tested by our ambassadors THIS WEEK. (We definitely want it to open for every players to buy and sell smoothly without any bugs :)

(not actual in-game screenshots, just for preview)

With the shop, a new income source can be created to our players who can help each others based on their needs. In Starcrazy, we unite!!! we can find endless fortune in this interesting game.

We are sure that you have followed our twitter to learn about the latest updates.(follow us now @StarCrazyGame on twitter if you haven’t done that). Do you know that you can also find us on Reddit? We have an official Reddit account to get our news to a wider range of audiences. Here is our Reddit account. Subscribe now if you afraid of missing any news from the team.

That is all for this week’s newsletter. Our Devs are working in full swing to make the game more interesting and profitable for all. OH don’t spend all your GFT and GFS too early cuz we have prepared something for you this BLACK FRIDAY.

(A kind reminder: BLACK FRIDAY is coming soon on November 25th)