The Construction Feature Guide

The Construction Feature Guide

After the construction feature is released, we can enter the planet auction and trading page through the “Planet” button. Then we will notice that there is an arrow under each planet. Click on the arrow to see the building details of a planet:

Clicking on it will show you all the buildings on the planet

You can see “None” in the picture above if there is no building on the planet. So how can we build our own planet? To build your planet, we first click “My Transaction”. Then, we select a planet and click the arrow button. This time, we can build with available land plots. (The blockchain network may be slow if it takes a relatively long time to display the plots.)

Each planet has limited land plots for its buildings, which is determined by the planet's size. In the future, more buildings will be introduced according to the level of a planet. Currently, the number of plots for small, large, and super large planets is 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

Click the green “+” button to continue.

You can see the information about what can be built so far. Please make sure you have enough items before clicking the build button. For now, you can only build interstellar mines, which are in the first batch of buildings. Interstellar mines can produce ores in different elements as a basic requirement to build other buildings in the future. If you have enough GFS, a window for charging will pop up:

After you click the confirm button, an IoTeX blockchain API will be called for payment. With everything going well, we can refresh again to check out the planet construction data. Then we can see the building under construction.

Seems like a long wait, huh? That's okay. That's where your Starz comes in. We can send a Starz to a building as a construction supervisor. A Starz can be deployed whether it is mining or not. But currently, only one Starz can be sent to each building. Let's click the “Detail” button to check out the building details:

We can send a Starz through the “Dispatch” button:

When constructing a building, you can send a construction supervisor from your Starz with a Digp above 0. The higher its Digp, the faster the building speed. Let’s choose a Starz:

As you can see in the above picture, the remaining time and building speed have changed. As mentioned above, the higher the Digp, the faster the speed. You can try to send a Starz with a relatively high Digp to build faster. Click the “Dispatch” button to send it:

The picture above shows that a Starz with a Digp of 14039 has been dispatched. On the building detail page, you can also notice that the data have been updated.

Then we just have to wait for the building to be built. When the construction is finished, you can refresh the building information to see the new building.

Minefields of different elements will produce ores over a period. Those ores will be stored in your “Ore Inventory” temporarily. But your inventory has maximum ore storage. The storage amount may increase with a higher building level. As shown in the picture above, an LV2 minefield can store 100 ores at most with 30 ores being mined now. “Time to supply” is the countdown for you to maintain the building. If the countdown is over, materials need to be consumed for maintenance. Otherwise, the building will be unavailable. We click the detail button again to see its details:

The details of the minefield are shown on the pop-up:

“Size” is the planet's size,

“Current progress” and “Mineral reserve” data are not applicable at this stage. More functions will be introduced for interstellar mines.

“Luck” stands for your lucky value. The greater the value, the higher the probability of producing rare ores. Rare ores will play an important role in future functions.

“DigP” represents the current mining power of your minefield, which is based on the mining power of the minefield and the mining power of the dispatched Starz.

Mining Rate: it stands for the mining efficiency in your minefield. Your overall mining speed is based on multiplying the “Digp” by the “Mining Rate”. You can dig faster if that number is bigger.

“Next Mining” indicates how much time it will take to produce a new ore.

“Ore Inventory” represents the storage of your inventory. Please click the “Claim” button to claim those ores before the inventory is fully filled. Otherwise, you won't be able to keep digging.

At the bottom are the items that have been dug up in the minefield so far. You can only dig regular and rare ores of elements in minefields. Those minefields can only produce ores of the corresponding element.

At the top are the “Upgrade”, “Supply”, and “Demolish” buttons for you to do what you want with your building. Here is the introduction to those buttons:

The “Upgrade” button is to upgrade a building by consuming certain items. A window asking for your confirmation will pop up after you click it:

If you have sufficient GFS and ores, a window will pop up for you to supply those items to the building.

Just like constructing a building, after you click the confirm button, you will initiate an on-chain transfer. Once it is completed, the upgrade will begin. Buildings will not be available while they are being upgraded. Also, mining will be suspended.

Similar to clicking the upgrade button, click the Supply button then you will see a pop-up:

You should pay the maintenance fee to keep your building functional. A building will not be functional if it is not maintained. We can maintain buildings by clicking the supply button to make them functional for a week.

Click the Supply button in the picture above. If you have sufficient tokens and materials, a window will pop up for you to confirm the charging. Click the confirm button for an on-chain transfer. Then, the building will be functional for another week.

The “Demolish” button is to deconstruct buildings. More buildings will be introduced in the future. If you don't want to continue the building process and want to replace the original building with another one, you can demolish it first before building a new one. Demolishing a building will give back some materials to you:

Please think carefully before tearing down a building. You cannot undo this action.

Finally, after the construction is completed, the dispatched Starz will automatically back to mine:

New features will be introduced in the future. The higher the Digp, the faster the mining speed. In this sense, players can choose Starz with the highest Digp to mine.