The Exchange Shop Feature Guide

The Exchange Shop Feature Guide

To enter the exchange shop, we need to click on the universe icon:

The entrance to the exchange shop can be found in the upper left corner:

You can find the exchange shop icon at the top left corner. By clicking the icon, you can see a list of game items that can be exchanged. Now you can only exchange magic essence for other items. More game items will be added to the shop later:

Now we enter the exchange shop:

The above picture shows the items that are currently exchangeable. Please pay attention to the blue text under the icon:

"7d" and "30d" indicate that you can only exchange the item within 7 days and 30 days respectively. "timeless" means you can exchange the item whenever you want. The exchangeable amount within a scale is displayed after the number of days. “Personal” represents the amount you can exchange as an individual. That number will change only if you exchange an item. “Server” means the item can be exchanged in a limited amount for all players in a server during the period at the front. Please seize the opportunity to exchange the items you want in time.

We can click the icon of a game item to see its details for exchange:

“Hold” stands for the number of items you have in your backpack. We can click the plus and the minus sign to adjust the amount to be exchanged. The total amount of magic essence needed will also change. We click the button in the lower right corner to exchange. If the corresponding amount of magic essence is deducted, a pop-up will show up telling you that you have obtained the item:

After that, the exchangeable amount will also change:

The amount will resume after the period shown at the front.