Voices From the Community #1

Community Voice graphic shows a word cloud

With two interview articles, we assume you have fully learned why our players are so fond of Starcrazy and how some of them can get to the top. This week, we reply to some practical and valuable suggestions raised by our players since we are true community listeners. So let’s have a look at the suggestions based on careful thoughts from the community.

When can we expect to experience the StarCrazy metaverse?

Yes, we did mention the Starcrazy metaverse in our newsletter since we have been building it. We aim to offer a more immersive gaming experience for our players by building an in-game metaverse. The first part of the metaverse will be the construction feature, which will be introduced together with the exchange shop. Now, the basic framework of that function is developed fully. Based on it, we will make the function more perfect before launching it.

For fairness, have the PvE algorithm written so that you don't have any one planet host the PvE bosses more than one time before other planets have a chance to earn that income.

We did take that into consideration as many players were reporting that UR planets seems to be chosen for many times. Adjustments will be made in the near future for the planet rotation mechanism to make the frequency of being selected equal ALL THE TIME for planets of the same quality.

Could there be a special time slot in 24 hours cycle when fusion would produce better results?

Nice suggestion! This can make our gameplay have a little bit of certainty amid randomness. We do know that you are having a hard time fusing powerful starz for mining and battling. By the way, we will introduce a new element system for PVP battlers to make the game even more interesting. Try it yourself in PVP season four!!!

Suggestion from one of the viewers for the fusion workshop is to display chat on the screen - it seems to encourage viewers to participate more. Just like in twitch streamers interaction.

That is a practical suggestion to make our streaming more interactive! We know that our streaming events can be improved further. The team will handle this suggestion to make our guest know as we will hold more community events in the future. We believe that @CryptoFridge and @Crypto_KyleSan definitely want more audience engagement. Maybe a PVP battle streaming will be held? That can create a more competitive vibe for each battle!

  1. As for communication - there needs to be clearer communication from our team regarding delays/downtime/maintenance etc

Yes, many problems can be solved through good communication. With that being said, we are working hard to provide more necessary information so players can make the best decisions. For instance, the current match number and the total number of matches in a season will be displayed in the game so that you will not miss any matches. Hope you enjoy battling in PVP season four!