What’s New in Season Two?

What’s New in Season Two?

PvP Season 2 has begun (May 2, 2022 at UTC+8) and we’re off to a rip roaring start!

The second season will last for 40 days and include 120 battles.

What’s at stake? What’s up for grabs? What are the spoils of victory? Feast your eyes on the breakdown below!

And what does that come to in total rewards? A picture is worth a thousand words so, once again, feast your eyes on what has been laid out on the table!

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New PvE Features Explained

At random, the Boss or one of their smaller ‘friends’ will appear on a planet. There will be 1 big Boss, 2 smaller opponents for you to battle. The game determines who you fight (you can’t kill a boss) The Boss CAN kill you

If you want to do PvE battles more than a few times per day, you’ll need to pay GFS to fight more. GFS payment on a planet go to the planet owner. (Disclaimer: The main banner does not show what the Boss looks like. That's a State Secret)

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Coming changes to gameplay in the PvP Second Season

Introducing the strong and weak constraints

This is a function that enables your Starz’s element type to either strengthen or weaken your attacks or the damage it receives when attacked. Given a strong constraint, the damage of your starz can be doubled.

Given a weak constraint, the damage will increase by 1.5 times.

Here is the new element constraint relationships in detail.

Let’s play out an example to better illustrate what we mean. If you look at a Fire Starz attacking a Grass Starz, you’ll see that the strength of the attack increases 100%, that is, it doubles.

Continuing down the Fire column, if Fire attacks a Starz with a Water element, that attack does 100% less damage.

Preview Your Opponent’s Lineup

Before a match, you can preview the lineups of your two opponents during preparation.However, the displayed lineup order is not necessarily the actual one you’ll face. You can click the opponent’s name or address shown above to check their lineup. Then you can adjust your lineup according to that of the opponent’s.

So you’ll have to ask yourself, is that my opponent’s intended lineup or is that just what they want me to think?... Yeh, there will psychology involved

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