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The Most Decentralized NFT Game You Can Find to Play and Earn The No.1 DApp on the IoTeX blockchain

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Syrup Pool & Liquidity Mining
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Collect, Fuse, Battle, Bet, and Earn!
Find endless joy in the PVP and PVE modes with other StarCrazy lovers around the world!


Get new Starz and planets in the Market or bid at auction and sell to other players. Discover a galaxy of rare Starz!


Starz to create endless combinations. Fuse Super Rare and Ultra Rare Starz for extra digging power!


Dispatch your Starz to the crystal mine and use unique Dig Powers to mine tokens. Adventure awaits!


This is not a winner-take-all system. All players who battle can be rewarded with GFT and ores in five elements.

Apex Arena

In Apex Arena, you can win more by betting on battles and defeating other players to get their entry fee

PvP Arena
To start, you’ll field 3 Starz against your opponent’s 3 Starz
PvP Season Reward (Settled every 2 weeks)

Top Player

  • GFT

    Players on the ranking board will be rewarded with GFT rewards, a utility token in StarCrazy

  • Ores

    You can also get ores to build your dreamland if you are a planet owner

$GFT and $GFS are the native tokens that keep the StarCrazy metaverse running with their supply capped at 30M respectively.

GFS Belongs to the Players

Total Supply: 30M
GFS is 100% mined

GFT is Generous and Player driven

Total Supply: 30M
Players Dev Treasury
GFT is 70% player-earned
Audit report
THe security level of StarCrazy's smart contract is proved by top audit firms
Overall, StarCrazy smart contracts are well-designed and well-engineered
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The team use a manual and SlowMist team's analysis tool to audit the project
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StarCrazy ecosystem partners
Fuse to Earn!
Fuse two NFTs together to have a chance to form a rarer NFT with higher digging power.
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