A New PVE Season This Thursday

A New PVE Season This Thursday

Dear Eager PVE Battlers:

Yes, we already heard many in the community shouting “When will the next PVE season start!” and “We have nothing to do but stake!”, etc. We often spoil our players and users with airdrops and rewarding events.


Scroll down to check out what is waiting for you this October.

A New PVE Season (2 Months)

Get your Starz lineup ready with new AOE skills to Battle!

Starting from: October 11th 16:00 UTC

Ending at: December 11th 15:59:59 UTC

When to claim rewards: December 11th 16:00 UTC to December 14th 15:59 UTC

BIG BIG NEWS for PVE battlers and skill book seekers:

It will be a skill book-stuffed PVE season with the drop rate of skill books and game items SKYROCKETING for those who pay to play PVE battles.

The higher damage your team can do to the Wizard Starz, the higher the chance you can get skill books. So bring your strongest team with the most powerful skills to fight!!!

About the Locked Skill Books

To balance the StarCrazy ecosystem, now we officially announced that:

At 11:00 UTC on October 11th, the update for skill books will be implemented in the game. By that time, the skills learned from bound skill books cannot be documented back to a blank book. The high-quality and super-quality skill books exchanged with magic essence will be unlocked. However, middle-quality skills books will still be locked.

To prevent players from losing skills, after the update, all the existing locked skill books will be unlocked. Also, all the skills gained from locked skill books will be unlocked. This will only happen once. After that, no skill book will be returned if you document a skill from a book with a lock.

Here are the things that you need to pay attention to after the update:

1) If a skill comes from a bound book, you will lose that skill after documenting it back. (No blank skill book is required.)

2) The fused skill book will be bound as you select one with a lock to fuse. You will lose the skill of the book if you document it back.

One More Little Thing You Need to Know to Win the Second-Anniversary NFT

The tasks in both sections should be finished to have a chance to get the NFT. There are 29 missions in total. Also, there are different stages so you can see new missions in each stage.

The Winner List of the Retweet Activity

Please reach out to @st3adfast33 or @Johnnyishere1996 on Telegram to send your IoPay address.

Well, this is the end of this week’s newsletter. Can’t get enough? The upcoming Halloween is gonna be scarily FUN! Stay tuned for more about StarCrazy.