A Newsletter for To-Be Starz Trainers

A Newsletter for To-Be Starz Trainers

Dear To-Be Starz Trainers:

“When training grounds will be released?” is the most commonly asked question these days. Now we can tell you the answer: they are going to be introduced this week! Everything is ready!!! Yes, you are right! This is another newsletter filled up with educational materials about training grounds.

Four Videos to Walk You through the Main Features of Training Grounds

Extra Training Ground Q&As

Q1: Could a skill be dodged in a battle?

A1: A skill-based attack cannot be dodged in a battle. Crit doesn't apply to that kind of attack.

Q2: What will happen if a Staz with a skill is fused with another Starz that has no skills?

A2: The skill will be lost.

Q3: Will a Starz lose its skill if I sold it to others?

A3: No, its skill will be kept.

Q4: Could a Starz learn two skills at the same time?

A4: No, for now, a Starz can learn one skill at a time.

Q5: Could a skill be kept forever in a Starz?

A5: Yes, as long as it is not fused with other Starz or the skill is not documented back onto a book.

The invitation system is still live for new players!

for those who just jump into StarCrazy, feel free to invite your families and friends to this wonderful Starz metaverse:

"Settings" - "Invite" to bring them in!

GFS and NFT Winners at the Second DAO Meeting

GFS Winners:

POAP NFT Winners:

Please submit your IoPay address ASAP to Twitter @StarCrazyGame with a screenshot of your account!

Watch the meeting again in case you missed it:

Yes, Yes, we certainly know that everybody is waiting for training grounds to be launched for such a long time! This week, we can finally get our hands on them!


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