AMA and Flash Sale

AMA and Flash Sale

Hello Dear Starcrazy players and all crypto lovers, we wish you all good in this crypto winter. Here we enter the third week of the FTX fallout, with more companies disclosing their exposure to the exchange. Fortunately, Starcrazy has 0 exposure to that exchange!! We will continue working hard to bring more exciting features to you guys!!

More Info about the Consignment Store

Our ambassadors are trying their best to find out all bugs to be fixed by the development team. That is how you can enjoy the smoothest gaming experience:)

After we introduce the store, you can find “Sale” by clicking the icon of a game item. Then, you can earn GFT from others with your valuable items.

By Unit: this option can allow others to buy your listed items one by one.

In One Order: others can only buy this item in one order. So that item may be very valuable.

Price Chart (Per Unit): you can check out the price movement of an item per unit. Everyone wants to get the best price, haha !!!

You can enter the store by clicking the icon above “Planet”.

We believe the consignment store will be very easy-to-use for you to trade with others freely for more GFTs. We Play To Earn!

• Black Friday Flash Sale at 12:00 UTC on November 25th

Have you saved enough GFT for this black Friday??? We have been telling you guys to prepare for that Friday. So this is a surprise for you! Go and get her this Black Friday!!

• AMA with UNILAYER and HealthBlocks (AT 8 am UTC Wed November 23rd Click here to watch: )

This week is packed with interesting events and activities for you to enjoy. There is only about a month before we enter 2023. So you guys are definitely expecting something about our 2023 roadmap. Thanks to your high expectation, we will blueprint the new roadmap carefully in a detailed manner, bringing you a more playable and enjoyable Starcrazy metaverse.