Another Planet Auction??!!

Another Planet Auction??!!

To Planet Owners and Seekers:

A new round of planet auction would come if we get tons of Yes in the DAO proposal voting this Wednesday! Let’s get into today’s newsletter to find out more exciting updates for this week : )

DAO Voting This Wednesday (May 10th)

Tell us do you want another planet auction with your GFS!

Time: 2 AM UTC on May 10th  to 2 AM UTC on May 13th


What you need: GFS (1 GFS equals 1 vote).

Theme: Whether another planet auction should be held or not

Voting tutorials:

Later, you will have a chance to decide what the elements of those auctioned planets will be. So get More GFS now!!!

Uplifted Drop Rate for Skill Books in the PVE Mode

This time, we are quite sure that you can feel it is easier to get skill books through PVE battles. Your decision to build training grounds will be proven to be right! Soon, training grounds will be packed with Starz waiting to learn powerful skills.

An Upcoming Channel to Trade Your Planets and Starz

Recently, we have been working really hard with the MIMO team for their new NFT marketplace where planets and Starz will be tradable, bringing greater liquidity to StarCrazy. Are you ready to become an NFT trader?

A Kind Reminder for PVE and PVP Battlers

Don’t forget the DDL to get your rewards, which will be expired after the date.

The Settlement Days for PVE Players:

From May 14th to May 17th

The Settlement Days for PVP Players:

From May 9th to May 12th (settled every two weeks)

Thank you for browsing this short yet exciting Newsletter! Stay with us to create a beautiful StarCrazy universe.