Be a Responsible Starcrazy DAOer

Be a Responsible Starcrazy DAOer

Dear Starcrazy Lovers

It is so pleased that we can have you here with us in this new year. This newsletter is stuffed with many surprises for you, such as our first DAO proposal, the new 2023 roadmap, a flash sale for celebrating the year of the rabbit, and the start of PVP season five.

• The First Proposal of Starcrazy’s DAO

Now you can call yourself a Starcrazy DAOer if you are a GFS holder! One GFS equals one vote in our DAO. The DAO proposal will be available for voting next week! We may send GFT back to the moon again if the proposal gets passed. So remember to cast your vote with GFS to be a responsible Starcrazy DAOer.

The first proposal: whether we should cut down GFT mining rewards from 2000 to 1000. (A great way to boost the GFT price!)

Time to vote: Next Week

The voting space:

How to vote: vote with your GFS (1 GFS equals 1 vote).

• Check out the New 2023 Roadmap

As pointed out in the new roadmap, we have tons of new missions to be completed in 2023. So there will be lots of new buildings and different gameplays for you to try out!

A Flash Sale for Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit

This year is the year of the rabbit. To celebrate such a memorable festival, we will drop a flash sale as we did in 2022 for more players to immerse themselves in the Chinese new year vibe! Can’t wait to see Starz NFTs dressing in rabbit costumes with cute rabbit ears:)

Time for the flash sale: at UTC 12:00 on January 22nd

PVP Season Five coming on January 16th Monday

You all have been waiting for a new PVP season, right? Here are the details of PVP season five:

Starting From: January 16th Monday

The First Match: UTC 16:00 January 15th

(Don’t forget to apply for the first match in advance)

All in all, this season also lasts for two months with the same rewards as the last season. But certainly, we can expect new opponents with different lineups in this new season! That will definitely add more fun to the game.

We believe you have got everything you need to fight and vote for a better future for Starcrazy. Everyone in the Starcrazy community can be a part of the DAO. That makes Starcrazy a game built for and by all players!