Betting on Battles + Hiring Community Manager

Betting on Battles + Hiring Community Manager

Spread the news far and wide. StarCrazy is looking for a Community Manager. For the right person, this could be their dream job. If you are interested in the job please send us your CV to [email protected]

The Community Manager will help us expand our user base and keep the current StarCrazy players excited to play the game. (everyone needs a gentle reminder, now and then.) If you're a good woman, man, or a Starz with the right stuff, we have a place for you on the team!

Sound exciting?Just know, we’re excited to have our next Community Manager jump in with both feet and make a big dent in the StarCrazy universe. Read all the deets here.

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This Week's AMAs

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CryptagendaGame Fri 9pm UTC+8 A new shooting game on Polygon! Rewards: 10 Whitelist spots!

Future Features

Right around the corner we’ll be rolling out more ways to earn and fun ways to play!

Betting on Battles

How will this work? After the battling teams sign in to join a match then the audience will be able to place bets on who will win. You’ll be allowed to bet on 2 matches. If you are the one battling, you can even bet on your own match.

This is a chance for  planet owners to start making money from staging battles and on the betting that takes place on their hosted battles. After you build your arena you’ll be able to earn a percentage of the payout to the winning betters. Stay tuned for more details on this sweet feature.

And while we’re on the topic of planets and arenas - here’s more info:

There will be 3 types of arenas, low, middle and high. The size of your planet determines the kind of arena and training grounds, and the number of planets that you will be able to build.

About the types of arenas: an arena in the ‘High’ type will have fewer limitations on which cards may be used. (more on that feature later…)

The quality of a planet determines the functions of a building. Arenas of higher quality can build higher quality arenas and buildings and will be ranked higher on the page.


The skills that a starz learns through skill books will be displayed at the bottom at the card.

Community Member Shoutout!

One of the players found a bug and the dev team has fixed this bug. (Thanks for the eagle eyes!)