Celebrate the New Year with StarCrazy

Celebrate the New Year with StarCrazy

To those who are ready for loads of updates:

As the year of the dragon comes on 10th February, there will be a series of celebration events in StarCrazy to keep you busy while feeling the new year vibe in the game and on our official website!!!



A New PVP Season in February

Together with DRAGON tokens, a new PVP season will drop in February. For PVP warriors, please kindly check out the timeline below:

Start from: UTC  11:00   Feb 8th (Apply for the first match)

Ends at:  UTC  07:59   April 4th

Refer to Earn in the Invitation System

Here we would like to remind our players again that you still have time to WIN REWARDS by bringing your friends into StarCrazy!!

Deadline: UTC 16:00 March 9th

New-year Background Updates

Since now the lunar new year is coming, we have also updated our official website to celebrate this important festival with you.


The first thing you need to travel in the space??


Here, in StarSurvivor, you also have a spaceship where you can have a rest while browsing through the mission system. In this system, there are main quests for you to  dig deeper into the background story, and ones with a BOUNTY, which is provided by a planet owner to turn his planet into a better place.

Go deep down into the universe to find out the mysteries of planets ;)

Here we come to the end of this blog. Also, Happy Chinese Lunar New Year and we wish you good luck in each PVP battle in this new season.