Exchange Shop Coming!

Exchange Shop Coming!

Hi StarCrazies!

What’s up Buttercup? Buidl we must! Here’s what’s coming out of the oven in just a little while.

Exchange Shop is Expected to Open This Week

We’re really excited about the Exchange Shop. We’ve spoken about it before but for those who missed this information, here’s what to expect:

Your PvE rewards will soon be exchangeable!

Exchange shop

When you play PvE, you can win Magic Essence. When in the Exchange shop you can exchange Magic essence for items. (Magic Essence has no crypto value, either in GFS or GFT)

Some of the specific rules:

  • You can exchange Magic Essence for other items but not items for Magic Essence.
  • Rare items will cost more than 1 Magic Essence (details to come)
  • The skills books of the highest quality will not be exchangeable for Magic Essence.

Planet Construction To Launch in the Next Few Weeks

When Planet Construction is launched you’ll start to see a range of features: training grounds, the Travel Frog game, battling between teams of players. Another interesting feature will let you assign a Starz to accelerate the time it takes to finish construction. Think of it as hire a construction supervisor. The higher their Digg Power, the more they accelerate your construction.

These construction features will be added incrementally as the dev team builds them. We won’t be creating one massive set of construction features and unveiling them all at one time.

Coming AMAs

Kola Labs AMA on August 16 @ 2pm UTC on their Discord channel

"Kola Labs is building the audible metaverse with one of its kind technological expertise, mapping human readable domain names/text to generate an real time music NFTs a.k.a audio identity."
They're doing very cool work. Don't miss this one.

Thurs. Aug 18 2PM UTC HealthBlocks x  StarCrazy AMA Walk/Run/Swim/Sleep/...?/-to-Earn HealthBlocks is a Web3 health app that lets you earn rewards for a healthy lifestyle.

Join us at

If you missed our Community Call last Friday, Aug. 12, you can catch the recording right here to catch up on last week’s news.Watch it here.