Get Ready to Reconstruct

Get Ready to Reconstruct

We are now in December. There is only one month to enter 2023 in which you will certainly see exciting features and interesting gameplays coming!!!

Have you tried to earn GFT by trading your game items through the consignment store? Here are some tips for game item traders:

Anything with a lock icon cannot be traded since it is bound.

Anything exchanged with magic essence in the exchange shop cannot be traded.

Items such as rare skill books and ores of high quality cannot be traded.

Hope the above tips can help you be a better trader to earn more GFT:)

Also, new features have been introduced to the consignment store for you to find the item you want or trade more efficiently:

1. Directly find the item you want by entering its name.

2. Jump to the page you want to go to.

3. All orders are ranked based on their unit price from the lowest to the highest.

Reconstruct Your Building Now!!

Next, we will release the building reconstruction feature for you to build your dreamland! Better get a reconstruction permit now to change the game for getting more ores. Here is a step-by-step guide for reconstructing your building with a permit:

You can see a newly-added “Refresh” button if you are a planet owner.

After clicking that button, you can see permits in three different qualities and materials required to reconstruct your building. The text will turn red if you don’t have the material.

If you select a permit of a particular quality, the percentage data above will change. You will be more likely to upgrade your building to a higher level with a planet of better quality.

On the right side of the “+”, the amount of ores required to reconstruct is shown. Please note that more ores will be consumed as the building level goes higher.

Click the confirm button to renew your building. The quality of the renewed building will be based on the percentage rate shown above. For example, the rate of getting an SSR building is 10% if you choose the first permit in the picture above. After being reconstructed, the luck and the mining rate of a minefield will be refreshed too.

Guess Who Will Be the World-Cup Champion

On December 11th, a world-cup prediction activity will be held on our official Twitter account for you to guess who will be the quarter-final winners! Remember to support the team you love to win special game items!!

Stay tuned for more upcoming world-cup events for you to win endless game items and GFT!!! Let’s celebrate the world cup together.