Hello! Item Factory Builders

Hello! Item Factory Builders

This is an explanatory document for item factories.

In item factories, players can get rare game items at a certain cost. To get those items, players need to pay a fee to planet owners for consuming their energy, which is required for game item production with specific types of raw materials. 20% of the fee will be distributed to the community while the rest will go to the planet owner.

Next, we will show you how to use item factories and what things should you pay attention to:

As shown in the picture above, an item factory has several key parameters. Here are their explanations:

Energy Restore (Hour) : this parameter shows the recovered amount of energy of your factory per hour. The number in white will increase if your factory is upgraded to a higher level or rarity. The number in green is an increase from the dispatched Starz. (In the future, a 50% buff will be added to the increase if the Starz is of the same element as the factory.)

Energy MAX : this parameter shows the maximum amount of energy that can be recovered for your factory. It depends on the factory level and rarity.

Material Cost : this is an important parameter for those who use item factories. The lower the material cost, the less material will be required. (For instance, you need 100 magic essence to produce an item. The number will go down to 80 if the material cost is 80%). What needs to be noticed is that, in a food-element item factory, the number of regular and rare ores needed to produce items will halve compared to other factories, given the output of those ores.

The Blue Energy Bar : A certain amount of energy needs to be consumed for game item production. You cannot produce game items without sufficient energy even if you have all the required materials.

You can produce a wider range of items as you upgrade your factory. Click the item icons to check out the materials needed. With sufficient materials, you can hit the plus icon to adjust the amount you want to produce.

As a planet owner, you can set the fee for others to use 10 energy points of your factory. In this case, they should pay according to the energy amount they use. As mentioned above, 80% of the fee will go to the planet owner, or you.

All of these are a brief introduction to the building. Are you ready to get your hands on producing rare items by yourself? GO AND TRY THEM OUT!