How Is the Second DAO Voting Going?

How Is the Second DAO Voting Going?

To Starcrazy DAOers and Die-Hard Supporters:

Today is the last day of February during which we held our first DAO meeting through Twitter Space. In this week’s newsletter, you will be updated about the final voting result of the second DAO proposal with more news about details of the next DAO meeting. Can’t wait to unwrap the newsletter to check it out!

PVP rewards will be settled every two weeks. (Check out the result through this link:

It seems that the golden mean, or the second option, is the most liked choice of all with 74% DAOers voting YES with their 76,000 GFS. Since we are a community-driven project, the second scheme will be executed without question.

The Execution Date: the next PVP season

• Another DAO meeting is coming in March.

Isn’t it exciting that the second DAO meeting will be held in March? Let’s vote to pick out your favorite channel to be the meeting venue.

Things you need to know for the second DAO meeting:

Theme: How to increase the income for active players?

Time: March 17th

Venue: (To be picked through the Twitter poll)

• There is news about the development of training grounds.

One of the most discussed topics in the community is the release of training grounds where you can make your Starz more powerful with skill books.

To bring them into the StarCrazy metaverse ASAP, the dev team is working at full speed. The development of training grounds will be finished this week. Then, they will be tested internally soon.

Hope you can spend a wonderful Tuesday with this newsletter! BTW, don’t forget to vote to choose the platform you want for holding the next DAO meeting! See you next week: )