Here Comes PvE Season Three!

Here Comes PvE Season Three!

Hi StarCrazies!

Before we get rolling - You can start playing StarCrazy today by downloading either MetaMask or ioPay wallets and then going to

We’re just days away from a new PvE season, Season 3. This season will begin on November 10th and will last for two months. Here’s what you need to know about the coming season.

  • The rewards will be the same as they were for last season but there will be no memorial NFTs this season. (Sorry! If we gave them every season they wouldn’t be as special, would they?)
  • For Season 3 the Boss in PvE will be the same as Season 1, that is, there will be two Apprentices and one Wizard.

We hear you are concerned about using your planets and ores. Of course this is an understandable concern. You want a return on your significant investment.

We think the following explanation should set your minds at ease. Ores produced in the interstellar mines will be used in the future to generate income in the following ways.

You will be producing or facilitating the learning or acquisition of a skill.

Planets owners, you’ll be able to earn by letting players

  1. Authenticate a skill book
  2. Synthesize a skill book
  3. Allow a Starz to learn
  4. Generate new skill books

For all the above fees will need to be paid in GFT to the planet owner.

In the Consignment Store you can trade ores and skill books with GFT. Only unbound items can be traded in the store. (you’ll see a locked icon in the top-right corner, if it is bound. If no lock is visible then it’s not bound)

More About Construction on Planets

The number of buildings that can be built depends on the size of the planet. Here’s how many can be built for each size planet: N 1, Huge 2, Super Huge 3

The highest quality of your building can not exceed your planet’s rarity rating. (N, R, SSR, etc.)

Building quality is random when first building a building.

You can use blueprints to upgrade the quality of your building

The amount of ores depends on the planet’s size.

The mining rate and your luck depend on the quality of your building. You can increase both mining rate and luck by upgrading your building.

Rare ores needed for Starz to learn skills and upgrade your buildings.

Things are getting more complicated but in a good way. That means we’ll have more interesting things to do and more ways to earn. We like that!

Mimo x StarCrazy Trading Competition

Last thing - save your money for something fun this month...