Master the Art of Fusing

UR Card with caption "Legendary!!!"

We’ve got all sorts of great stuff to share with you today so we’re going to jump right in.

Workshop: Master the Art of Fusing with Kyle and CryptoFridge Friday, July 22, 2pm UTC

YouTube Live:

When you think about fusing, does your stomach start to feel a little funny? And not, ‘ha ha’ funny? You’ve spent hours building up your Starz and in a single click you either have an awesome card or a real stinker. There’s a better way than relying entirely on luck. Learn from the best and improve your skills. Asks questions and be one of five lucky winners to share $50 in WGFT.

PvE Season 1 Ending Today

Today is your last day before the first PvE season ends. Keep fighting! Who are the top PvE players right now?

Apex Arena update

The ambassador testing of Apex Arenas has gone well. We’re just squashing a few bugs and refining the UI to give you the best experience. That means you’re going to find one of your teams in an Apex Arena this week. So get ready. It could be released as early as this Friday (fingers crossed)

Apex Arena Sneak Preview
We’re not going to go into details here but we’ll share some of the images you’ll be seeing very soon.

Where you choose the type of arena, whether you are battling or betting, and where you can view history.

Of course, we’ll be going into greater detail on the rules about arena battling and betting. It won’t be long before you’ll all be experts.

One last thing, when we release it to the public, battles will be held every 12 hours.

Meme contest update

More! We need more memes! The contest continues until July 21.

You know who you are so get those StarCrazy memes over to us on Twitter. We have an embarrassment of riches. We’re going to have a rough time picking the best, there were so many great ones!

Check out our twitter channel to see for yourself.

New Features Are Coming

Planet construction The work has not yet begun but once it does it will  take a month to complete. Then all you planet owners will have something to keep you busy, busy, busy.

Exchange shop

When you play PvE, you can win Magic Essence. When in the Exchange shop you can exchange Magic essence for items. (Magic Essence has no crypto value, either in GFS or GFT)

But you should know a few things:

  • You can exchange Magic Essence for other items but not items for Magic Essence.
  • Rare items will cost more than 1 Magic Essence (details to come)
  • The skills books of the highest quality will not be tradeable for Magic Essence.

That’s it for today. Thanks for being part of the StarCrazy family!