Our Second Anniversary Is Here

Our Second Anniversary Is Here

To those who have been with us for 730 days:

StarCrazy is now two years old!!! Thank you for loving and supporting us for 365 x 2 days in a row. Here, taking this moment as an opportunity, we would love to hold a series of events to celebrate the two-year-old birthday of StarCrazy with all of our community members.

Unwrap this newsletter to find out more celebration activities!!!

Second Anniversary NFT

Meet this little cute Starz here! Its name is Engineer, giving extra 3 points of crit to your powerful team. You are also StarCrazy engineers with your constructive ideas.

Keep scrolling down if you wanna know how to get it ; )

Restarting the Mission System

YES, the mission system will be back on Thursday.


September 28th 2:00 AM UTC to October 28th 2:00 AM UTC

Voice out Your Expectation for StarCrazy to Win 5000 IO and 1000 GFT

Like what we did to celebrate the first anniversary, this time, we also prepared bountiful rewards for you.

Major Updates in the Near Future

This Thursday, Adjustments will be implemented for Stellar Mines, with the launch of item factories.

In the next PVE season, which will start in mid-October, the drop rates of both skill books and magic essence will see a significant rise, for those who pay to play PVE.

Enter into a New Realm on September 30th

The wait is finally over. The door will open for the first batch of testers at 12:00 UTC on September 30th as we are now counting the number of the qualified ones.

Let’s see what is waiting for us on that day!

This newsletter ends here but there is more about StarCrazy in its next anniversary.