Planet Construction & Exchange Shop News

Planet Construction & Exchange Shop News

Hi StarCrazies!

The time is almost upon us. Next week we will begin internal testing of the Planet Construction and Exchange Shop. Planet Construction will open up all manner of new playing opportunities. We think you’ll like this very much. In the Exchange Shop you’ll be able to exchange ores (not available via PvP) and energy batteries.

In other news - as the market improves we plan to expand to other blockchain such as Binance. That will make playing StarCrazy available to even more people and add new energy and fresh blood to our community.

Reminder: You can still win a 1 Year Anniversary Card

All you need to do is finish 15 individual and invitation tasks. These tasks must be completed before October 27, 2022 2am UTC

So far, we’ve had these winners of the 1 Year Anniversary Card

These players have the largest planets, the most $ paid for a planet, the biggest provider of liquidity, the most damage done, the greatest number of Starz fused - whew! It makes us tired just talking about these accomplishments. We’re proud of you.

Shout out to the player who made this wonderful video highlighting StarCrazy’s 1 Year Achievements!

Don’t forget to invite your friends to start playing!

Invite friends to play:

Have your friends download an ioPay Wallet or MetaMask Wallet

Send them your invite code. Here’s how:

Click the ⚙️(Gear icon)

Click on “Invite”

Copy your “My Invitation Code” to include in an email to your friend.