​​Planet Construction in Sight

​​Planet Construction in Sight

Hi StarCrazies!

Testing is about to begin and we’re putting together documentation to share. And we have pumpkins on the website.

2 Features: The Exchange Shop and Planet Construction

As we’ve mentioned, we’ll soon be launching both the Exchange Shop and the Planet Construction features. Later this week we will publish a guide to the Planet Construction feature. That will be on the StarCrazy blog so keep your eyes peeled for that one. (please don’t actually peel your eyes. We haven’t actually tried it but that might hurt. - You’re welcome) Here’s a sneak peak, with unpeeled eyes, of what you will find in this guide:

Each planet has limited plots for its buildings, which is determined by the size of the planet. In the future, more buildings will be introduced according to the level of a planet. Currently, the number of plots for small, large, and super large planets is 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

Click the green “+” button to continue:

That’s it for now. Here comes the guide!

AMA with IoTeX Friday, October 21st, 12am UTC

(for the Chinese language audience)

Gleam Campaign Rewards Still Available

Keep your eye on our Twitter feed! Also coming later in the week, we’ve got a great interview with the StarCrazy Fuser to end all Fusers. You’re not going to believe how many Starz this Fusing Star has fused. Talk about nerves of steel. This is a good one!

Be sure to check out our Halloween themed website. It’s scary good!