Planets - More Details Coming Into View

Planets - More Details Coming Into View

Hi StarCrazies!

So… just what is that clever dev team dreaming up now for StarCrazy? I was going to tell you everything but they threatened to reduce the Digg Power of all my Starz to 49. That’s the total for all my Starz and not 49 for each Starz. So that made me rethink my plans on what to report.

Planets. It’s all about the planets.

Owners of planets will be able to build on their planets to enhance their planet’s value. The bigger your planet, the more you can build.

Battle arenas will be built on planets. Imagine hosting your own 1:1 battles on your planet! There will be different kinds of arenas and…

Hey! You had to reduce the Digg power on that Starz??!! I loved that Starz. Ok, I get it. I get it! No more talk about the battle arenas.

If you’d like to refresh your memory about our plans for planets.

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Great Returns From StarCrazy

Down in the dumps about the recent downturn in crypto markets? Oh, ye of little faith! Hodl, oh Diamond Hands! And while we all keep the faith, we can get some incredible rates staking GFT (76%) and LP Mining (91.51%) Try getting that from a bank. Ain't gonna happen.

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            Thursday, 12 May 2022

What do the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and StarCrazy a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game have in common? They are both built on the IoTeX blockchain most likely because it has an enviable reputation for its security record and because transaction fees are extremely low.

Mimo is getting ready to launch in an updated version and StarCrazy will be a part of this journey. This week I caught up with both teams to learn what part each will soon be playing in their intertwined work.

We started with StarCrazy.

Talk about your decision to list StarCrazy on mimo? What tokens will you be listing? GFT, GFS or both?

Both. Our game is built on a dual token model, and both tokens are very important to us. So we will list both our GFT and GFS tokens on mimo. We will provide incentives and support to provide both tokens with liquidity.

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StarCrazy P2E GameFi: PvP Battles Season 2

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