Skills Books - Worth the Trip

Skills Books - Worth the Trip

More fun news on coming features!

PvE is coming next month! Fighting the Boss is an opportunity to win Skill Books. The Boss will show up on random planets, so keep your eyes peeled.

[You in 1 month] “Yippee, I’ve won a Skill Book! Now what?”

You have to be in a building to learn a skill.

So now you’ll need to go to a planet that matches your Starz’s element. (example: Fire Starz go to Fire planets) To use and learn from this Skill Book, you’ll need to pay a fee to enter a building.

Yes, if you own a planet you’ll soon be able to construct buildings! The larger your planet, the more you can build and the more fees you’ll be collecting.

Things are really moving along!

StarCrazy GFT token will be listed on LBank

Starting today, Tuesday May 17, at 6:00pm UTC+8

LBank is a Hong Kong based crypto exchange that was founded in 2015. Users are not required to submit KYC (Know Your Customer) information so you can remain anonymous, if you wish to. Their trading fees are 0.10% (that’s quite reasonable) Deposits are free but withdrawals are charged a fee, depending on the specific crypto.

StarCrazy In-Game Updates!!!

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Display for LP Mining & GFS Syrup Pool

You can now see the APR for LP Mining (91.004%) & GFS Syrup Pool (76.008%)!

Stake IOTX-GFT LP to earn$GFS now! Stake GFS to earn$GFT now!

(Rates Are For Illustration Only - The rates vary. But you knew that, didn’t you?)

Hear From Us / Talk to Us

We love to give you more details on what the team is doing and we love to hear from you individually. We have two chances to do that this week!

AMA w LBank Community

Wednesday, May 18, 7:00PM UTC+8

AMA with Marketing Partnership Lead of @StarCrazyGame

400 GFT token giveaway. Don’t miss this one!

AMA w PixieWorld

Sat May 21st 2:00PM UTC+8 with the Partnership Lead of @StarCrazyGame

100 GFT Giveaway

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