StarCrazy is long, Market Ups and Downs are short

StarCrazy is long, Market Ups and Downs are short

Ars longa, vita brevis. Art is long, life is short.

R.I.P. Sakamoto Ryuichi

Dear Starz Trainers:

On Sunday, we finally can jump into training grounds where we can make our Starz stronger with different powerful skills. Just like Sakamoto Ryuichi, who created numberless music masterpieces for us, the StarCrazy development team also regards training grounds as one of their beautiful brainchildren. They work hard day and night to fine-tune this unparalleled feature to StarCrazy’s fans.

StarCrazy is long, Market Ups and Downs are short. That is our motto!

More about Training Grounds

Gee! We saw tons of comments and questions since the launch of training grounds. We did expect that to come since training grounds are the most elaborately designed feature ever. Still wonder how the data of a skill work? Here is an example:

Let’s say the attack of your Starz is 100 and the Starz has successfully learned FLAME shown above.

The damage of a skill-based attack:

74% * 100 + 17 = 91 (with no element constraint)

74% * 100 + 17 * 200% = 108 (with a 100% element constraint)

“Available at N” means the effect can be unlocked if the skill quality reaches N.

You can only change the fee settings while your training grounds are being upgraded.

Seeking Any Valuable Inputs or Suggestions for Training Grounds

The more inputs and ideas we receive, the more user-friendly we can build training grounds into.

Getting Updated about Interstellar Mines

No, we didn’t leave interstellar mines behind, haha. Remember, StarCrazy is long, Market Ups and Downs are short.

“In the planet map, a player can search for unmined interstellar mines where he can defeat their defendants for rewards.”

OH MY it sounds like we are going to have a new form of PVP. Will we see PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds among Starz?????

For GFS and NFT Winners in the Second DAO Meeting

PLZ send your IoPay to @StarCrazyGame on Twitter ASAP for us to collect info. THX!

I think StarCrazy fans can be confident that StarCrazy will be a time-tested and outstanding project in the Gamefi sector since we believe “StarCrazy is long, Market Ups and Downs are short”. Stay with us to witness the next gaming masterpiece.